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Suicide: theory, practice and investigation

Suicide: theory, practice and investigation

Holmes, Ronald M; Holmes, Stephen T

An accessible overview of suicide in the United States written by two of the foremost authors of murder & violent crime books in the world

Book. English.
Published London : SAGE 2005

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Statement of responsibility: Ronald M. Holmes, Stephen T. Holmes
ISBN: 1412910099, 1412910102, 9781412910095, 9781412910101
Note: Includes bibliographical references and index.
Physical Description: 192 p.
Subject: Suicide.; Suicide United States.


  1. Preface
  2. Suicide Introduction General Conclusions References
  3. History and Suicide Introduction Selected Historical Analysis of Suicide Christianity and Suicide Emerging Ideas on Suicide Conclusions References
  4. Theories and Types of Suicide Introduction Emile Durkheim Durkheim's Suicide Typology Types of Suicide Selected Theories of Suicide Conclusions References
  5. Youth and Suicide Introduction Statisctics and Suicide Family Stability and Suicide Mental Health and Youth Suicide Youth Suicide and Correctional Facilities Youth Suicide and Substance Abuse Previous Attempts of Suicide and Completed Suicides Youth Suicide and Sexual/Physical Abuse Conclusions References
  6. Suicide and the Elderly Introduction Suicide and the Elderly Suicide of the Elderly and Statistics Suicide by the Elderly and Psychological Health Conclusions References
  7. Suicide and Violence Among Inmates Introduction Violence Among Inmates Battered Partners, Violence and Partner Suicide Family Violence and Suicide Among Adolescents Conclusions References
  8. Suicide Letters: A Typology and Analysis Introduction Suicide Notes and Letters Categories of Suicide Notes and Letters Implications of Suicide Notes for Suicide Investigation Conclusions References
  9. Selected Atypical Studies Introduction Physician-Assisted Suicide The Patient in Physician-Assisted Suicide Cults and Mass Suicide Conclusions References
  10. Suicide Investigation Suicide Investigation Hangings Poisons Self-Smothering Self-Inflicted Knife Wounds Self-Inflicted Gun Shot Wounds Jumpings Drownings Pedestrian Traffic Suicides Intentional Traffic Suicides Railroad Accidents Conclusions References
  11. Depression, Drugs, Alcohol and Suicide Introduction Suicide: The Role of Depression, Alcohol, and Drugs Conclusions References
  12. Suicide and the Future Introduction What We Have Learned How To Get Better Organizations For Help Conclusions References


Ronald Holmes and Stephen Holmes offer a unique text aimed primarily at criminal justice undergraduates, though other behavioral science students will find this work a helpful reference text, too. . . . What makes this work distinctive is its forensic science overlay, as the authors offer detailed coverage on suicide notes and methods.