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Managing breeds for a secure future: strategies for breeders and breed associations

Managing breeds for a secure future: strategies for breeders and breed associations

Sponenberg, D. Phillip (Dan Phillip), 1953- author; Martin, Alison, 1962- author; Beranger, Jeannette, author

eBook, Electronic resource, Book. English. Electronic books.
Second edition.
Published Sheffield, UK : 5m Publishing 2017
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Statement of responsibility: D. Phillip Sponnenberg, Jeannette Beranger, Alison Martin
ISBN: 1912178540, 1912178559, 9781910455760, 9781912178544, 9781912178551
Note: Description based on print version record.
Note: Includes index.
Note: ""I.K. Felch Method""
Physical Description: 1 online resource (xiv, 288 pages) : illustrations (some color)
Subject: Livestock Genetics.; Rare breeds Conservation.; TECHNOLOGY & ENGINEERING / Agriculture / Animal Husbandry; Livestock Breeding.; Livestock Societies, etc.
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  1. ""Cover""
  2. ""Half Title""
  3. ""Title""
  4. ""Copyright""
  5. ""Table of Contents""
  6. ""Photo Credits and locations""
  7. ""Chapter 1 Introduction""
  8. ""Acknowledgements""
  9. ""Chapter 2 Breeds""
  10. ""Why Breeds are Important""
  11. ""Sustaining Breeds over Time""
  12. ""Chapter 3 Basics of Breeds""
  13. ""How Breeds Form""
  14. ""Classes of Breeds""
  15. ""Landraces""
  16. ""Standardized Breeds""
  17. Breeds""
  18. ""Industrial Strains""
  19. ""Feral Populations""
  20. ""Dog Breeds""
  21. ""Poultry Breeds""
  22. Summary""
  23. ""Chapter 4 Defining an Individual Breed""""Which Animals Should Be Included in a Breed?""
  24. ""One Breed or Two?""
  25. ""Chapter 5 Breeds as Genetic Pools: Variability and Predictability""
  26. ""Genetic Organization of Breeds""
  27. ""Standardized Breeds""
  28. ""Landraces""
  29. ""Subgroups Within a Breed: Bloodlines, Strains, and Varieties""
  30. ""Breed Histories""
  31. ""Geography and Source Herds""
  32. ""Recovery of Purebred Animals into Registries""
  33. ""Chapter 6 Animal Identification""
  34. ""Chapter 7 Breed Standard""
  35. ""Breed Type""
  36. ""Different Sorts of Breed Standards""
  37. ""Breed Type Reproduces Breed Type""
  38. ""Developing a Breed Standard""""Breed Standards and Genetic Diversity""
  39. ""Breed Standards and Breed Loss""
  40. ""Standard Traits that Are Detrimental""
  41. ""Qualitative and Quantitative Traits""
  42. ""Changes to the Breed Standard""
  43. ""Chapter 8 Maintaining Breeds""
  44. ""Breeding Strategies and Gene Frequency""
  45. ""Linebreeding and Inbreeding""
  46. ""Outcrossing: Crossbreeding and Linecrossing""
  47. ""Linebreeding or Outcrossing: Which is Best?""
  48. ""Chapter 9 Strategies for Population Management""
  49. ""Applications of Inbreeding and Linebreeding""
  50. ""Inbreeding and Loss of Diversity""""Monitoring Inbreeding""
  51. ""Monitoring Effective Population Size""
  52. ""Generation Interval""
  53. ""Inbreeding Within Individual Herds""
  54. ""Inbreeding Within Breeds""
  55. ""Combining Linebreeding and Linecrossing""
  56. ""Inbreeding and Outbreeding Summary""
  57. ""Managing Contributions of Individual Animals""
  58. ""Genetic Bottlenecks""
  59. ""Artificial Insemination, Embryo Transfer, Assisted Reproductive Technologies""
  60. ""Chapter 10 Gene Flow Into and Out of Breeds""
  61. ""Upgrading and What It Does""
  62. ""Upgrading and Bloodlines""
  63. ""Upgrading to Rescue Endangered Bloodlines""
  64. Conservation Breeding""
  65. Conservation Breeding""
  66. ""Strategies for Animal Identification to Manage Bloodlines""
  67. ""Small Populations with Single Males""
  68. ""Managing Populations Where Males Are Saved for Long Careers""
  69. ""Rescue Breeding Strategies""
  70. ""Species Considerations for Conservation and Rescue Breeding""
  71. ""Sheep and Goats""
  72. ""Swine""
  73. ""Rabbits""
  74. ""Poultry""
  75. ""Horses and Donkeys""
  76. ""Dogs""
  77. ""Single Rare Animals""
  78. ""Rotational Breeding or Spiral Breeding""
  79. ""Poultry Plans (Except Geese!)""