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In search of our ancient ancestors: from the Big Bang to modern Britain, in science & myth

In search of our ancient ancestors: from the Big Bang to modern Britain, in science & myth

Adolph, Anthony, author

What a fine long pedigree you have given the human race. Charles Darwin to Charles Lyell, 1863.How is the Royal Family descended from fish' How distantly are we related to dinosaurs' How much of your DNA came from Neanderthals' How are the builders of Stonehenge connected to great-grandpa'According to science, life first appeared on Earth about 3,500 million years ago. Every living thing is descended from that first spark, including all of us. But if we trace a direct line down from those original life forms to ourselves, what do we find' What is the full story of our family tree over the past 3,500 million years, and how are we able to trace ourselves so far back'From single-celled organisms to sea-dwelling vertebrates; amphibians to reptiles; tiny mammals to primitive man; the first Homo sapiens to the cave painters of Ice Age Europe and the first farmers down to the Norman Conquest, this book charts not only the extraordinary story of our ancient ancestors but also our 40,000-year-long quest to discover our roots, from ancient origin myths of world-shaping mammoths and great floods down to the scientific discovery of our descent from the Genetic Adam and the Mitochondrial Eve.This is the amazing story of our ancient ancestors, as told by one of Britain's leading genealogists

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Published Barnsley, South Yorkshire : Pen & Sword Family History 2015
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  1. Cover
  2. Dedication Page
  3. Title Page
  4. Copyright Page
  5. Contents
  6. Introduction
  7. Part 1: Book of Life
  8. Chapter 1: Tracing the Family Tree of Life
  9. Chapter 2: Starting with a Bang
  10. Chapter 3: In the Primal Seas
  11. Chapter 4: First Steps on Dry Land
  12. Chapter 5: Meet the Synapsids
  13. Part 2: Book of Man
  14. Chapter 6: The Southern Ape-Men
  15. Chapter 7: Of Habilis and Hobbits
  16. Chapter 8: The Neanderthals of Oldbury Hill
  17. Chapter 9: 'Thinking Man'
  18. Chapter 10: The Genetic Adam and Eve
  19. Chapter 11: Out of Africa
  20. Chapter 12: My Great-grandfather, the Neanderthal
  21. Part 3: Book of Ice.
  22. Chapter 15: The People of the Lion Man
  23. Chapter 16: The Reindeer Hunters of Creswell Crags
  24. Chapter 17: Leading the High Life at La Madeleine
  25. Chapter 18: Voices from the Caves
  26. Part 4: Book of Grain
  27. Chapter 19: The False Spring
  28. Chapter 20: The Stag Dancers of Star Carr
  29. Chapter 21: From the City of Plastered Skulls
  30. Chapter 22: The Heroes from the Sea
  31. Chapter 23: Our Ancestors in the Age of Troy
  32. Chapter 24: ' ... And All That'
  33. Part 5: Book of Myths
  34. Chapter 25: Looking Back in Wonder.
  35. Chapter 26: Out of the ChasmChapter 27: 'Upon the Face of the Waters'
  36. Chapter 28: The World Shapers
  37. Chapter 29: The Birth of Mankind
  38. Chapter 30: The Great Flood
  39. Chapter 31: An Origin Myth for Britain?
  40. Chapter 32: Tendrils from the Past
  41. Chapter 33: Creation, Evolution or Aliens?
  42. Epilogue: How You Fit Into the Story
  43. Acknowledgements
  44. Select Bibliography
  45. Index.