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Learning Android application testing: improve your Android applications through intensive testing and debugging

Learning Android application testing: improve your Android applications through intensive testing and debugging

Blundell, Paul, author; Torres Milano, Diego, author

If you are an Android developer looking to test your applications or optimize your application development process, then this book is for you. No previous experience in application testing is required

eBook, Electronic resource, Book. English. Electronic books.
Second edition.
Published Birmingham, UK : Packt Publishing 2015
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Statement of responsibility: Paul Blundell and Diego Torres Milano
ISBN: 1784397997, 9781784395339, 9781784397999
Note: Description based on online resource; title from cover page (Safari, viewed April 14, 2015).
Note: Includes index.
Physical Description: 1 online resource (1 volume) : illustrations.
Series: Community experience distilled
Subject: COMPUTERS Programming Microsoft Programming.; Application software Testing.; Android (Electronic resource)
Series Title: Community experience distilled.
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  1. ""Cover ""
  2. ""Copyright""
  3. ""Credits""
  4. ""About the Authors""
  5. ""About the Reviewers""
  6. """"
  7. ""Table of Contents""
  8. ""Preface""
  9. ""Chapter 1: Getting Started with Testing""
  10. ""Why, what, how, and when to test""
  11. ""What to test""
  12. ""Activity life cycle events""
  13. ""Database and file system operations""
  14. ""Physical characteristics of the device""
  15. ""Types of tests""
  16. ""Unit tests""
  17. ""The setUp() method""
  18. ""The tearDown() method""
  19. ""Outside the test method""
  20. ""Inside the test method""
  21. ""Integration tests""
  22. ""UI tests""
  23. ""Functional or acceptance tests""
  24. ""Test case scenario""""Performance tests""
  25. ""System tests""
  26. ""Android Studio and other IDE support""
  27. ""Java testing framework""
  28. ""Android testing framework""
  29. ""Instrumentation""
  30. ""Gradle""
  31. ""Test targets""
  32. ""Creating the Android project""
  33. ""Package explorer""
  34. ""Creating a test case""
  35. ""Test annotations""
  36. ""Running the tests""
  37. ""Running all tests from Android Studio""
  38. ""Running a single test case from your IDE""
  39. ""Running from the emulator""
  40. ""Running tests from the command line""
  41. ""Running all tests""
  42. ""Running tests from a specific test case""
  43. ""Running a specific test by name""""Running specific tests by category""
  44. ""Running tests using Gradle""
  45. ""Debugging tests""
  46. ""Other command-line options""
  47. ""Summary""
  48. ""Chapter 2: Understanding testing with the Android SDK""
  49. ""The demonstration application""
  50. ""Assertions in depth""
  51. ""Custom message""
  52. ""Static imports""
  53. ""View assertions""
  54. ""Even more assertions""
  55. ""The TouchUtils class""
  56. ""Mock objects""
  57. ""MockContext overview""
  58. ""The IsolatedContext class""
  59. ""Alternate route to file and database operations""
  60. ""The MockContentResolver class""
  61. ""The TestCase base class""
  62. ""The default constructor""""The given name constructor""
  63. ""The setName() method""
  64. ""The AndroidTestCase base class""
  65. ""The assertActivityRequiresPermission() method""
  66. ""Description""
  67. ""Example""
  68. ""The assertReadingContentUriRequiresPermission method""
  69. ""Description""
  70. ""Example""
  71. ""The assertWritingContentUriRequiresPermission() method""
  72. ""Description""
  73. ""Example""
  74. ""Instrumentation""
  75. ""The ActivityMonitor inner class""
  76. ""Example""
  77. ""The InstrumentationTestCase class""
  78. ""The launchActivity and launchActivityWithIntent method""
  79. ""The sendKeys and sendRepeatedKeys methods""
  80. ""The runTestOnUiThread helper method""""The ActivityTestCase class""
  81. ""The scrubClass method""
  82. ""The ActivityInstrumentationTestCase2 class""
  83. ""The constructor""
  84. ""The setUp method""
  85. ""The tearDown method""
  86. ""The ProviderTestCase2 class""
  87. ""The constructor""
  88. ""Example""
  89. ""The ServiceTestCase""
  90. ""The constructor""
  91. ""The TestSuiteBuilder.FailedToCreateTests class""
  92. ""Using libraries in test projects""
  93. ""Summary""
  94. ""Chapter 3: Baking with Testing Recipes""
  95. ""Android unit tests""
  96. ""Testing activities and applications""
  97. ""Mocking applications and preferences""