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Le Mesurier letters: memoranda and commercial correspondence: manuscript

Le Mesurier letters: memoranda and commercial correspondence: manuscript

Manuscript, Reproduction. English.
Published London; Guernsey: Le Mesurier, 1779-1806
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Physical Description: 1 folder ; 29 x 37 cm.
Subject: Le Mesurier, Havilland, 1758-1806.; Le Mesurier family.; Saumarez, James, Admiral, 1st Baron de Saumarez, 1757-1836.


  1. Havilland Le Mesurier (1758-1806) to Mr Speaker (Henry Addington) 18 May 1793
  2. Havilland Le Mesurier to Addington and to Lord Jeffery Amherst (1717-1797), Commander -in-Chief (1793-5) 17 March 1793
  3. General Thomas Sausmarez (1760-1845) to Havilland Le Mesurier 12 April 1793
  4. Admiral James Saumarez (1757-1836) to Havilland Le Mesurier 17 April 1804
  5. Lady Martha Saumarez (née Le Marchant), (d.1849) to Havilland Le Mesurier 5 May 1804
  6. Captain (Admiral) James Saumarez aboard the Crescent to Havilland Le Mesurier 10 April 1793
  7. James Saumarez from Plymouth Dock to Havilland Le Mesurier 4 January 1799
  8. James Saumarez from Spithead aboard the Orion to Havilland Le Mesurier 29 August 1796
  9. James Saumarez aboard the Diomede to Havilland Le Mesurier regarding the coolness of his relationship with Nelson 12 July 1803
  10. Sir John Doyle concerning his appointment as Lieutenant-Governor of Guernsey 29 November 1802
  11. John Jervis, 1st Earl St Vincent to Havilland Le Mesurier regarding corruption in Pitt's administration 20 November 1805
  12. Henry Addington to Havilland Le Mesurier mentioning Havilland's recent appointment as a Deputy Commissary July 31st 1793
  13. Sir Charles Grey (2nd Earl Grey 1764-1845) to Havilland Le Mesurier refering to William Le Marchant's speech on the rights and immunities of the Island of Guernsey and expressing cautious optimism for the success of Addington's administration, 16 February 1801
  14. Sir Charles Grey to Havilland Le Mesurier thanking him for his report on the trade of Guernsey and referring the international situation in Portugal and the French defeat in Egypt 27 March 1801
  15. Colonel Robert Brownrigg (Military secretary to Frederick, Duke of York) to Havilland Le Mesurier assuring him that the Duke of York would recommend his son, Havilland, (1873-1813) for an ensigncy in the army 4 November 1800
  16. Robert Porret Le Marchant, (Bailiff of Guernsey, 1800-10) to Havilland Le Mesurier 6 February 1806 expressing concern about Lord Grey's illness
  17. Paul Le Mesurier to Havilland Le Mesurier 30 August 1794, recommending a Mr Hugh Howdon to him
  18. Gen. Henry Edward Fox (Governor of Gibraltar 1804-6) to Havilland Le Mesurier 26 November 1805
  19. Henry Addington to Havilland sending him condolences on the death of his wife Elizabeth Dobrée (d. 1804), from Downing Street, 3 April 1804
  20. Sir Jeffery, 1st Baron Amherst (1717-1797), Governor of Guernsey (1770-94) to Havilland Le Mesurier regarding Havilland's financial difficulties, 19 March 1793
  21. John Jervis, 1st Earl St Vincent to Havilland Le Mesurier recalling Havilland's son, Federick (1786-1807),to his naval career, 13 December 1800
  22. Havilland Le Mesurier to his brother-in-law Isaac Dobrée regarding the election of Paul Le Mesurier (1755-1805) as MP for Southwark in 1784, 1 March 1785
  23. Agreement between Paul and Havilland Le Mesurier to establish a business house at Havre de Grace, St Malo, 12 May 1785
  24. Letter from Isaac Dobrée to Havilland Le Mesurier at St Malo informing him of the death of his sister-in-law, Harriet Dobrée, 25 Sept 1788
  25. Havre Partners Agreement between Havilland Le Mesurier, De la Motte and Du Buisson, 31 Dec 1790
  26. Note from Havilland Le Mesurier to Miss Agnew 29 August 1798
  27. Havilland Le Mesurier to his son Havilland concerning his mother's, Elizabeth Dobrée's illness 29 August 1798
  28. Unfinished letter to unknown recipients on the same subject 29 August 1798
  29. Letter from Peter Le Mesurier, (Governor of Alderney) to Havilland Le Mesurier referring to Havilland's appointment as Commissary-General and the reprimanding of Major Waugh, (in command of the garrison in Alderney), 1 March 1797
  30. Letter from John Dumaresq in Jersey to his brother-in-law, Havilland Le Mesurier regarding the insolvency of the house of Le Mesurier and his brother (paul's) debts, 15 August 1798
  31. Letter from Havilland Le Mesurier (1783-1813) in Malta to his father in Guernsey, 27 April, 1802
  32. Letters dated 20 and 26 July 1798 from Havilland Le Mesurier to his brother Paul about the latter's debts
  33. Two letters from Mrs Havilland Le Mesurier, (Elizabeth Dobrée) at Bremen to Miss Susan Du Bary, 1795
  34. Frederick Le Mesurier at Florence to his mother, Elizabeth Dobrée describing his visit to Cittavecchia and Rome and stating that he will rejoin his ship at Leghorn, 3 September 1802
  35. Assorted annual accounts (Havilland Le Mesurier)
  36. Havilland Le Mesurier's explanation of his bankruptcy [1793]
  37. Business correspondence between Beaugeard & Desegray of St Malo and Peter Le Mesurier concerning the possible supply of raw silk from China, 3 December 1775
  38. Rev. W. Gibert to Havilland Le Mesurier expressing concern re. the latter's indifferent health, 5 March, 1806
  39. Osmond de Beauvoir, in Guernsey to Havilland Le Mesurier recommending James Macculloch to him and requesting that he offer Macculloch assistance in obtaining employment or an entrance into trade,11 May 1805
  40. Letter from Havilland's sister-in-law, Mary Le Mesurier, (née Dobrée) (1772-1814) refering to the death of Havilland's wife Elizabeth, (1 April 1804); the illiness of Betsey Le Mesurier, daughter of John, which necessitated her removal from school (26 August 1804)
  41. Miss Mary Agnew to Havilland Le Mesurier at Austin Friars offering condolences on the death of his wife (11 July 1804)
  42. letter from Judith Gore (née Dobrée), sister-in-law, at Peterborough to Havilland , 30 Jun 1804
  43. Letter from Havilland Le Mesurier, describing the death of his wife in childbirth to his son Lt. Frederick Le Mesurier R.N., 5 April 1804
  44. Letter from Havilland's nephew John re. political troubles in Dublin, written from Enniskillen, 27 July, 1803
  45. Letters from John Le Mesurier to Havilland re. the infringements of his rights as Governor of Alderney, 25 May, 1803
  46. Letters from Nicholas Saumarez in Columbo re. the pearl, tobaco and cotton exports and the appointment of De Beauvoir Dobrée as Secretary to the Governor, 7 April,10 & 24 May 1803
  47. Letter from John Dumaresq, brother -in-law re.the unbecoming conduct of Mrs Paul Le Mesurier (née Roberdeau) on her recent visit to Jersey, 16 August 1800
  48. Letter from John Dumaresq re. his appointment by the States of Jersey as their deputy and negotiator for the establishment of a Customs House in Jersey, 15 December 1800