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Moving Image Library : Nuns added 15th December 2014

A selection of films exploring morality, religion, gender, sexuality, seduction, faith, sisterhood, celibacy, community, family and refuge through a focus on the figure of the nun.

  1. Mother Joan of the angels

    Mother Joan of the angels

    Kawalerowicz, Jerzy
    Published : Second Run 2011 ISBN :
  2. Viridiana


    Bunuel, Luis
    Published : Arrow Films 2006 ISBN :
  3. Black narcissus

    Black narcissus

    Powell, Michael Pressburger, Emeric
    Published : ISBN :
  4. Theorem


    Pasolini, Pier Paolo
    Published : BFI 2007 ISBN :
  5. Marketa Lazarova

    Marketa Lazarova

    Vlacil, Frantisek
    Published : Second Run 2007 ISBN :
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