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A day in the life of Andy Warhol

By Warhol, Andy, 1928-1987
DVD. English.
Stephen Smith visits a vintage photobooth to talk about Warhol’s love of photobooth images and how the art he made with them helped fund the Factory’s...

13 most beautiful: songs for Andy Warhol's screen tests

By Warhol, Andy, 1928-1987
Published Plexifilm, 2009
Between 1964 and 1966, Andy Warhol shot nearly 500 screen tests, beautiful and revealing portraits of hundreds of different individuals, from the famous...

Walden 1, 2, 3

By Mekas, Jonas, 1922-
DVD. English.
Published France: Light Cone Video, 1997

Factory girl

By Hickenlooper, George
Published Paramount, 2007
Biopic of Edie Sedgwick- an art student who rose to the top of the New York fashion scene and became the muse of Andy Warhol

Cinema 16: American short films

Published Warp Films, 2006
A collection of 16 short films from a broad range of influential and respected American directors. Featuring: The Lunch Date - Adam Davidson; Carmen -...

Painters painting [DVD] - the New York art scene: 1940-1970

By De Antonio, Emile
Published U.K.: Revolver, 2009

Art of America [DVD]: 1. Looking for paradise, 2. Modern dreams & 3. What lies beneath

DVD. English.
Series exploring the history of American art in which Andrew Graham-Dixon embarks on an epic journey from east to west, following in the footsteps of...

Pop go the women: the other story of pop art

DVD. English.
The story of pop art has been culturally canonised as the preserve of a ground-breaking gang of boys, focusing on the likes of Roy Lichtenstein, Andy...

Great artists in their own words 1. The future is now (1907-1939) 2. Out of the darkness (1939-1966) 3. But is it art? (1976-1993)

DVD. English.
Documentary series unlocking the BBC archives to tell the story of the birth of modern art, as told by the artists who created a cultural revolution....

The shock of the new. 5-8

By Hughes, Robert, 1938-
DVD. English.
Robert Hughes' 1980 series tracing the development of modern art from 1880 to the present. Robert Hughes's classic series about art in the twentieth century...
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