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Wendingen: maandblad voor bouwen en sieren

Wendingen: maandblad voor bouwen en sieren

Berlage, Hendrik Petrus, 1856-1934; Bolken, Pauline, 1896-1956; Eijnde, Hendrik van den, 1869-1939; Crouwel, Joseph, 1885-1962; Hoffmann, Josef Franz Maria, 1870-1956; Mees, Folko; De Bazel, Karel Petrus Cornelis, 1869-1923; Molkenboer, Theo, 1871-1920; La Croix, Guillaume-Frederic, 1877-1923; Vlugt, Leendert Cornelis van der, 1894-1936; De Klerk, Michel, 1884-1923; Moser, Koloman, 1868-1918; Jessurun de Mesquita, Samuel, 1868-1944; Jongert, Jacques, 1883-1942; Baanders, Tine, 1890-1971; Taeuber-Arp, Sophie, 1889-1943; Gidding, Jaap, 1887-1955; Staal-Kropholler, Margaret, 1891-1966; Luger, Johan; Cantre, Jozef, 1890-1957; Holst, Richard Roland, 1868-1938; Rietveld, Gerrit Thomas, 1888-1964; Finsterlin, Hermann, 1887-1973; Essers, Bernard, 1893-1945; Wright, Frank Lloyd, 1867-1959; Cachet, Carel Adolph Lion, 1864-1945; Kat, Otto B. de, 1907-1995; Rozendaal, Willem Jacob, 1899-1971; Sluijters, Johannes Carolus Bernardus, 1881-1957; Blaauw, Cornelis Jonke, 1885-1947; Konijnenburg, Willem Adriaan van, 1868-1943; Dudok, Willem Marinus, 1884-1974; Beijerman, Louise Elisabeth, 1883-1970; Duiker, Johannes, 1890-1935; Kramer, Pieter Lodewijk, 1881-1961; Poggenbeek, Toon; Taut, Bruno, 1880-1938; Wijdeveld, Hendricus Theodorus, 1885-; Havermans, Jan, 1892-1964; Luthmann, Julius Maria, 1890-1973; Vorkink, Pieter, 1878-1960; Heukelom, Jan Bertus, 1875-1965; Lensvelt, Frits, 1886-1945; Bijvoet, Bernard, 1889-1979; Toorop, Jan, 1858-1928; Exposition Internationale Coloniale, Maritime et d'Art Flamand (1930 : Antwerp); Kurvers, Anton, 1889-1940; Baillie Scott, Mackay Hugh, 1865-1945; Wormser, Jacobus Phillipus, 1878-1935; Stamp, Gavin, 1948-2017; Polet, Johan, 1894-1971; Gradidge, Roderick, 1929-2000; Mendes da Costa, Joseph, 1864-1939; Krop, Hildo, 1884-1970; Snellebrand, Jan Anthonie, 1891-1963; Genootschap Architectura et Amicitia (Amsterdam); Inch's Books (Firm : Oxford); Friends of the National Libraries; Hugh Pagan (Firm : Brockenhurst)

Architectura et Amicitia was founded in 1855 as a small circle of young Amsterdam architects. The association campaigned against the Gothic Revival that had become a quasi-official style backed by the government. Architectura et Amicitia became a channel for various progressive voices within Dutch architecture. Their journal was dedicated to investigating and expanding the boundaries of architecture and its title translates as 'inversions' or 'upheaval'. The broad collection of topics featured in Wendingen demonstrates its commitment to exploring new ideas and envisioning how architecture might be influenced and transformed by other disciplines. It became an important outlet for Dutch Expressionism, also known as the Amsterdam School, before embracing New Objectivity

Serial. Dutch.
Published Amsterdam: De Hooge Brug, 1918-1931

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GSA Library Special Collection (Ask at Desk) 'Modernist Architecture'/WEN Nos. 1 (1919)-12 (1930) Missing: 1920 (2-4, 10, 12); 1921 (11); 1923 (3-4); 1924 (6, 9-10); 1925 (3-9); 1927 (5, 8-12); 1928 (2-12); 1929 (1-12); 1930 (1, 4-7, 9-10)


Statement of responsibility: H. Th. Wijdeveld ed
Note: Published in 116 monthly issues between January 1918-1931, but with none published in 1922 or 1926. Each year comprises 12 issues, but some are combined into double issues. English and German editions were also published
Note: Issue 11-12 (1920): Green and black publisher's announcement inserted to p.5. Adverts to front and back. Advert for Elias P. van Bommel, bookbinder to rear of several issues, designed by Theodorus Henricus Adolf Molkenboer in 1897 and depicting a seated male bookbinder set against a green ground, inscriptions in Dutch at top and bottom with monogram (original art work held at Wolfsonian–Florida International University).
Note: This volume has an associated muniments file
Language note: Text in Dutch with occasional French, German and English
Physical Description: various pagings : ill. ; fol. (32 x 32 cm)
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Custodial: Several issues purchased from Hugh Pagan booksellers, Brockenhurst in August 2014, some bearing bookplate of Roderick Gradidge, architect to front. Further purchase in November 2018 from Inch's Books, Oxford and Hugh Pagan, Brocklehurst, following a grant from the Friends of the National Libraries. Includes 3 issues from the collection of Gavin Stamp with Stamp's bookplate to front.
Binding: Each issue was considered an art object in itself, which is reflected in its impressive format: each issue is 32 centimetres square, printed on double-fold paper, hand-bound with raffia, and wrapped with a cover specifically designed for its theme. The covers, usually designed by members of the group and occasionally commissioned by outside artists, are both abstract and figural. They showcase a variety of printmaking techniques such as lithograph, woodcut, and etching. The modernist typography of the contents pages was designed by Wijdeveld and is characterised by the use of a sans serif and eccentrically positioned text. 4 issues dedicated to W. M Dudok have had their paper covers removed, and are collected together in a tan cloth binding with red stripes and letters.
Finding aids: Indexed in


  1. 1 (1919): Eastern art; cover by K P C de Bazel.
  2. 2 (1919): M de Klerk; cover by Toon Poggenbeek.
  3. 3 (1919): Dance; cover by Jan Sluyters.
  4. 4 (1919): Architecture, including Bruno Taut; cover by Pauline Bolken.
  5. 5 (1919): Posters; cover by J B Heukelom.
  6. 6 (1919) Interiors and furniture, including Kolomon Moser and Frank Lloyd Wright; cover by Johan Luger.
  7. 7-8 (1919): Woodcuts; cover by R N Roland Holst.
  8. 9-10 (1919): Theatre; cover by Jan Toorop.
  9. 11 (1919) Reinforced concrete; cover by Hildo Krop.
  10. 12 (1919): Architectural designs, including Baillie Scott; cover by G F la Croix.
  11. 1 (1920): Sculpture; covers by B. Essers.
  12. 5 (1920): Hungary; cover by Jozef Cantre.
  13. 6-7 (1920): Masks; cover by R N Roland Holst.
  14. 8-9 (1920): Josef Hoffman; cover by H A van den Eijnde.
  15. 11 (1920) H P Berlage; cover by Jacques Jongert.
  16. 1-2 (1921): Willem van Konijnenburg; cover by Willem van Konijnenburg.
  17. 3 (1921): East Asian art from the Petrucci Collection; cover by M de Klerk.
  18. 4-5 (1921): Works by A&A members; cover by R N Roland Holst.
  19. 6 (1921) Country house at Oostvoorne by Vorkink and Wormser; cover by Jaap Gidding.
  20. 7-8 (1921): Marionettes, including Sophie Tauber-Arp; cover by C A Lion Cachet.
  21. 9-10 (1921): Theatre; cover by Frits Lensvelt.
  22. 12 (1921): New Rijks Academy building in Amsterdam by B Bijvoet & J Duiker; cover by Bijvoet & Duiker.
  23. 1 (1923): Stained glass by R N Roland Holst; cover by Jac Jongert.
  24. 2 (1923): Posters by Dutch artists; cover by Jan Sluyters.
  25. 5-6 (1923): J Mendes da Costa; cover by Mendes da Costa.
  26. 7 (1923): Amsterdam Public Works Building Department; cover by Anton Kurvers.
  27. 8-9 (1923): Shells; cover by R N Roland Holst.
  28. 10 (1923): Ex libris; cover by B Essers.
  29. 11-12 (1923) Government buildings by C J Blaauw, J Crouwel and J M Luthmann; cover by S Jessurun de Mesquita.
  30. 1 (1924): Architecture related sculpture; cover by Jan Hauermans.
  31. 2 (1924): Travel sketches by M de Klerk; cover by L E Beyerman.
  32. 3 (1924): Hermann Finsterlin; cover by Hermann Finsterlin.
  33. 4-5 (1924): M de Klerk; cover by Margaret Kropholler.
  34. 7 (1924): Portraits by M de Klerk; cover by Tine Baanders.
  35. 8 (1924): W M Dudok; cover not retained.
  36. 11-12 (1924): Crystals; cover by B Essers.
  37. 1 (1925): Jessurun de Mesquite; cover by Jessurun de Mesquita.
  38. 2 (1925) Sculpture by Hildo Krop; cover by Hildo Krop.
  39. 10 (1925): Furniture and interiors by M de Klerk; cover by Folko Mees.
  40. 11-12 (1925): P L Kramer and the Bijenkorf, The Hague; cover by J. M. Luthmann.
  41. 1 (1927): Sculpture; cover by Johan Polet.
  42. 2 (1927) Interiors, including G Rietveld; cover by Otto B de Kat.
  43. 3 (1927): Flemish popular theatre; cover by Anton Kurvers.
  44. 4 (1927): Danish architecture; cover by Jessurun de Mesquita.
  45. 6-7 (1927): Architecture of Amsterdam Plan West; cover by J A Snellebrand.
  46. 1 (1928): W M Dudok; cover not retained.
  47. 2 (1930): Van Nelle Factories, Rotterdam; cover by L C van der Vlugt.
  48. 3 (1930): Dutch Pavilion at Antwerp; cover by W J Rozendaal.
  49. 8 (1930): W M Dudok; cover not retained.
  50. 11-12 (1930): W M Dudok; cover not retained.