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  1. David Walliams Series

    David Walliams Series added 9th December 2017

    This list contains the David Walliams series: Ratburger; Grandpas Great Escape and other books in this series

  2. churchdown bookgroup

    churchdown bookgroup added 8th August 2017

    Books that Churchdown Book group will discuss in 2018

  3. Maja

    Maja added 29th May 2017

    This is my Harry PotterBook list

  4. Series to get your teeth into

    Series to get your teeth into added 16th May 2017

    Great series that will take up a lot of time, but will become part of your life.

  5. nasty

    nasty added 15th May 2017

    Books that may result in nightmares or feelings of general unease.

  6. Thought provoking reads

    Thought provoking reads added 6th April 2017

    A series of books which, whether through structure or narrator, will mess with your head - in a good way.

  7. Landscapes in fiction

    Landscapes in fiction added 18th February 2017

    Great fiction (and a few non-fiction slipped in) where the setting is a character as much as the people.

  8. To read

    To read added 28th November 2016

    Books to read

  9. Mood Boosting 2016

    Mood Boosting 2016 added 7th April 2016

    Reading Well. These books have been chosen by readers for their uplifting and mood-boosting qualities.

  10. Black History Month
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