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By Gladwell, Malcolm, 1963-
Paperback. English.
Published London: Penguin, 2009
Why are people successful? For centuries, humankind has grappled with this question, searching for the secret to accomplishing great things. In this book...

By Kelsey, Robert, 1964-
Paperback. English.
Published Chichester: Capstone, 2013
In his bestselling book, 'What's Stopping You?', Robert Kelsey helped thousands conquer their fear of failure and unlock their full potential in life....

By Young, Scott H., author
Paperback. English.
Published London: Thorsons, 2019
Multi-talented author, programmer and entrepreneur Scott Young has learnt four new languages and taught himself the entire four-year MIT curriculum for...

By Honoré, Carl
Hardback. English.
Published London: Orion, 2008
The author of the Sunday Times bestseller 'In Praise of Slow' reveals how parents are in danger of over-stimulating their young children and shows how...

By Johansson, Frans
Paperback. English.
Published London: Portfolio Penguin, 2012
According to Frans Johansson, planning, and careful analysis no longer guarantee strong performances. But dig deep into the actions of successful people...

By Dutton, Kevin, 1967- author
Paperback. English.
Published London: Corgi Books, 2016
In this work, Kevin Dutton and Andy McNab present the ultimate guide to disarming life and getting it to do our dirty work rather than the other way around...

By Cornish, Sophie, 1965- author
Book. English.
Published London: Simon & Schuster, 2014
Sophie and Holly are the founders of, an award-winning, multimillion-pound online marketplace selling a multitude of innovative...

By Dutton, Kevin, 1967- author
Paperback. English.
Published London: Bantam Press, 2014
Former SAS hero Andy McNab and eminent psychologist Professor Kevin Dutton are unlikely partners. As Oxford academic and bestselling author of 'The Wisdom...

By Kerr, James M., author
Paperback. English.
Published London: Constable, 2013
'Legacy' looks at the values, principles, rituals and beliefs that have propelled the All Blacks to such extraordinary heights, and examines how the reader...

By Redgrave, Steven
Hardback. English.
Published London: Headline, 2009
Sir Steve Redgrave reveals the sporting stories that have inspired his renowned career and success
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