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Heasman, Elaine

Book. English.
Published Stroud: Tempus Publishing, 1998
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Statement of responsibility: complied by Elaine Heasman
ISBN: 0752411454, 9780752411453
Note: Cheltenham Cemetery and Chapel c1900. P 3. Pates Grammar Pupils between 1958-65 reunion 1995 p6. High Street, showing town clock 1928 p9. High Street showing Imperial Café p10. Heasman, Albert Edward with staff at Dodwells1926 p11. Dodwells Staff staff of wholesale dept. 1926 p11. Dodwells Staff party for staff & friends at Star Hotel 1954 p12. Clare, Edward G presentation to mark 42yrs service with Dodwells 1954 p13. Dodwells Staff p14. Woodward, Rosemary pictured in staff uniform of Lorraine's hairdressers 1963 p14. Morrison, Doreen pictured in staff uniform of Lorraine's hairdressers 1963 p14. St Mary’s showing railings around churchyard c1900 p14. High street showing Vanderplank sign p15. High street, Upper showing Lloyds on corner of Rodney Rd bet.1902-05 p15. High street, Upper showing Lloyds & Royal Hotel c1905 p16. High street upper showing Flower & Sonsp16. "boots corner" High Street showing Charles Dickens & Co 1940s p17. roundabout High Street looking towards Colonnade p17. Colonnade, The view from High St Roundabout "Boots Corner" p17. Regents street showing Smiths Stables & theatre 1900s p18. Theatre & Opera House p18. Jakeway family B Barkers barber shop on Winchcombe Stc1910 p18. B. Barker’s 5 Winchcombe Streetc1910 p18. Cambray Baptist interior p19. Cambray House exterior from gardens p19, Rodney Hotel exterior p20, High Street showing E.L. Ward p20. "Boots corner" North Street showing W.Sharpe & Sons, Martin & Co' p21. Colonnade, The showing Cavendish House 1934 p22. Bus & coach Double Decker driving towards Promenade 1934 p22. Cavendish House advert 1948 p22. A. Riches & Co, coal merchants advert1948 p22. Promenade, The showing Post Office 1908 p23. Promenade, The showing Promenade Cafépost 1935 p23. Royal Crescent pre 1949 p24. Promenade, The pre WWI p24. Harward’s buildings Promenade showing YMCA pre 1960 p25. Harward’s Buildings Promenade showing YMCA. pre 1960 p25. South African war memorial Promenade Long Garden c1907 p26. World war I Long Garden c1920 p26. Stafford, Councillor Maureen taking the salute on St Georges Day 1989 p27. St George's Day showing 1st Hatherley Scouts & councillor M Stafford 1989 p27. New club c1900 p28. IMPERIAL SQUARE looking towards Promenade & showing Town Hall music competitive festival programme 1961 p29. BUS & coach austerity bus at depot bet 1944-54 p29. mayor Bush, Councillor H.T. & Mrs Bush Feb 1949 p29.Mayor Bush, Councillor H.T. & Mrs Bush, Borough Food Office showing Mayor & Mayoress Bush, Anne Skinner, Christine Baker, Susan Ball, Elaine Heasman, p29. Neptune’s fountain c1903 p30. Hackney carriage in front of Imperial Spa p30.Promenade, The showing Dale, Forty & Co pre 1914 p31. Promenade, The from Queens Hotelc1908 p31. Queens hotel c1927 p32. 32 Queens hotel frontage 1938 p32. Winter Garden showing cannons bet 1914-19 p33. Imperial Gardens, showing Imperial Square, Quadrangle Building c1980 p34. Imperial Square showing Chelt Hotel c1900 p34. Chelt hotel c1900 p34. Montpellier walk aka the rotunda pre WWI p35. Rotunda, The showing traffic island & statue of Ed VII p36p. Phillips, J. V. showing E.Bracey & J.Jillings c1946 p36. Jillings & Bracey showing E.Bracey & L.Shipfield nee Phillips June 1977 p36. Eric Bracey, Jack Jillings, c1946 p36. Eric Bracey, Louise Shipfield, nee Phillips June 1977 p36. Montpellier Street looking towards Jillings & Bracey p37. Montpellier Street rear of Jillings & Bracey p37. Montpellier Gardens showing pavilion c1900 p38. Montpellier Gardens bandstand c1905 p38. Montpellier Gardens showing open air theatre p39. St George's Day Highbury cubs 1970's p39. St George's Day a band 1970's p39. Montpelier Gardens showing meteorological station, Lewis, Jenny, Austin, Sarah, Hayward, Robin in Montpellier Gardens p40.
Note: Spa Buildings looking towards Montpellier Walk c1900 p41. Spa Livery Stables c1900 p41. The hall Montpellier Parade c1900 p41. Eagle Star building from Montpellier Gardens 1968 p42. Dr Ed Wilson house Montpellier Terrace p42. Montpellier Terrace looking from The Rotunda c1900 p43. Glendale house c1900 p43. Lansdown Road at junction with Lansdown Walk c1900 p43. Drinking Fountain at junction of Lansdown Road with Queen's 1900's p44. Brian Hyde wedding and guests 1 Sep 1962 p45. Trinity Church C 20th p46. Pittville Gates showing tram c1905 p46. Tram Cleeve Hill route outside Pittville Gates c1905 p46. Pittville walk nd p47. Evesham Road c1900 p47. Kiosk Pittville Park c1905 p48. Pittville Park 'Boating lake c1907 p48. Pittville park 'Tennis Courts c1908 p49. Cindy Collins, Louise nee Smithers on swings in Pittville Park 1980 p49. Geraldine Smithers in Pittville Park 1960 and 1961 p50. Pittville Park Playground 1990s p50. Pittville Pump Room across the lake c1906 p51. Pittville Pump Room showing bandstand c1909 p51. Pittville Pump Room across park showing bandstand 1985 p52. Drapers Ball showing West, Bracey, Crawford 1960s p52. Grammar School for Girls Form 1R 1948 p53. Grammar School for Girls 1960s p53. Grammar School for Girls group on trip to Switzerland 1963 p54. Grammar School for Girls outing to Compton Wynates 1961 p54. Grammar School for Girls Form 5S 1963 p55. Grammar School for Girls Prefects room 1965 p55. Grammar School for Girls group photograph 1977 p56. Berkhampstead School group photograph 1990 p56. Berkhampstead School Sports day with Miss Curr 1951 p58. And p59 Berkhampstead School invoice 1952 p59. Berkhampstead School school rules 1950s p59. Swindon Road Maud’s Elm pre 1907 p60. Maud’s Elm Swindon Road pre 1907 p60. St. Paul’s College Swindon Road showing entrance p60. St. Paul’s College Swindon Road p60. St. Paul’s College Swindon Road pre WWI p60. St. Paul’s Church p61. Ted Heasman’s Wedding 7 June1930 p61. Lillian Jakeway wedding 7 June 1930 p61. World WarI outside St Paul's church p61. The Jakeways in garden of 100 Swindon Road 1940s p62. Edwin Jakeway in uniform pre WWI p62. Ivy Jakeway age 3 1914 p62. Frank Jakeway in uniform pre WWI p62. Sandford Park lily pond 1950s p63. Sandford Park The Lido 1950s p64. Swimming Lido, The 1950s p64. Eagle Star staff Bath Road offices 1991 p65. Eagle Star Action Aid fundraising event 1993 p65. Cheltenham College main building c1903 p66. Cheltenham College gymnasium, old chapel 1900s p66. Cheltenham College museum c1900 p67. Cheltenham College Cadet force c1897 p68. Cheltenham College Cadet force bridge building c1896 p68. Cheltenham College Old boys representing various regiments of British Army c1897 p69. Cheltenham College pool keepers cottage c1897 p69.. Bath Road towards Leckhampton c1905 p70. Ivy Brown, nee Jakeway pre WW2 p70. Upper Bath Road, showing tramlines & Kings Arms pub c1910 p71. Bath Road outside corner shop, looking down 1950s p71. Harold Worsfoldd 1950s p71. Lillian Lightfoot formerly Young 1950s p71. Elaine Heasman 1950s p71. Scudamore Bros c1900 p72. Baath Road corner with Francis Street c1900 p72. Corner Shop [The] 1950s p72 and showing alterations late 1950s p73. Corner shop assistant Iris Worsfold & assistants 1960s p73. Leckhampton Road junction with Bath Road & Shurdington Road 1900s p74. Brandon Place corner with Tryes Road c1962 p74. W.J. Norman & Co Ltd premises c1962 p74. W.J. Norman & Co Ltd staff 1963 p75. Bill Worsfold, Bernard Avery, Mr Jackson, Mr Slee, Mrs Thorpe with staff 1963 p75. Includes images of Bath Road, Naunton Park and Moorend Park. p75. Mary Heasman 1960s p76. 3 'Ewlyn Road inventory of furnishings 1938 p76. Naunton Parkc1906 p77. Naunton Park JUNIOR pupils 1957 p77. Naunton Park pupils in the Cheltenham Competitive Festival of Music 1958 p78. Naunton Park Secondary class 1W 1978 p78. Cheltenham Competitive Music Festival pupils from Naunton Park School 1958 p78. Naunton Lane entrance to Naunton Park p79. Hay Cottage Homes showing Rose Jakeway 1930s p80.
Note: Naunton Park showing Hay Homes 1900s p80. Local Defence Volunteers range scoring book extracts 1940 p81. Local Defence Volunteers B Company 1944 p82. Ted Heasman in B Company, LDV 1944 p82. Leckhampton Road looking towards Malvern Inn 1910 p82. Leckhampton Road from Church Road junction, showing village post office 1900s p83. Hall Road towards school 1900 p84. Leckhampton Primary c1906 p84. St Peter’s Church, Leckhampton p85. St Peter’s Church lych gate, christening party for Gary Smithers 1964 p85. St Peter’s Church interior p85. Rectory Leckhampton p86. Leckhampton Court Lodge p86. Norwood Cottages Church Road 1900s p87. Cromwell Cottages p87. Leckhampton Players Puss in Boots production 197 p88. Harwood, Sara with Leckhampton players 1970 p88. Mitchell, Jean with Leckhampton players 1970 p88. Smithers, Cindy with Leckhampton players 1970 p88. View from Leckhampton Hill 1911 p89. Devil’s Chimney 1900s p89.. Devil’s Chimney 1910 and 1962 p90. Elaine Heasman, Carol Lewis at Devils Chimney 1962 p90.. Leckhampton Dispute 1902 p90. Mrs Golesworthy Nursery school bet 1965-75 with pupils and with Cindy Smithers, Pauls Hyde, Clare Lucy, Tammy Cooper, Joanne Woodward, Lisa Hudson, Paul Woodward p p91 - p93. Old Bath Road junction with Mead Road p93. Moorend Park Road p94. The Cottage & Woodend Sandy Lane Road p95. Sandy Lane Road looking towards hill p95. KITSCROFT p95. Cottages, Bafford Lane, Charlton Kings p96. Bafford lane C17th cottages p96. Cirencester Road junction with Pumphrey's Road showing tram system 1907 p96. Cheltenham Spa Guide book 1951 p97. Lillybrook Hotel p97. Cirencester Road tram p98. St Marys, Charlton Kings p98. St Mary’s Church & War Memorial, Charlton Kings, 1985 p99. Hyde Norris wedding at St Marys, Charlton Kings 1987 p99. St Marys, Charlton Kings interior c1910 p100. St Marys Church, Charlton Kings showing reredos p100. Baptist Chapel, Charlton Kings interior 1912 p101. Greenway Lane 1900s p101. School Lane 'now known as School Road c1900 p102. Spring Bottom c1900 p102. Ryeworth Road previously known as Melton Road looking towards Ryeworth Inn p103. Ernest Woodward, Jesse Ernest & Cordelia nee Green at 132 Ryeworth Rd 1900s p103. Melton Terrace 'later known as Ryeworth Road 1900s p103. The knappingslater known as The Nappings, Up End p104. Cudnall street from London Road 1914 p104. J.W. CRIPPS fly proprietor 1914 p104. Copt Elm Road towards London Road 1910 p105. Copt Elm Road tram post 1905 p105. Lexham Lodge 1910 p105. Tram post 1903 p106. London Road towards Cheltenham p106. Holy Apostles showing school p107. Holy Apostles interior p107. Sam Woodward’s christening 1977 p107. Rev Patrick Walton 1977 p107. Holy Apostles infant school pupils 1975 p108. Holy Apostles juniors on Cleeve Hill 1980s p108. Deep Street looking towards High Street, Prestbury p109. St Marys, Prestbury c1900 p110. St Marys, Prestbury Vicars letter from Parish Magazine Aug 1959 p110. Geraldine Iris Worsfold’s wedding 1959 p111. John Alfred Smithers’ wedding 1959 p111. Iris Worsfold’s daughter’s wedding 1959 p111. St Marys Sunday School , Prestbury outing 1950's p112. Brownie Pack Jamboree c1950 p113. Kings Arms, Robinsons cake shop, Doctors House, High Street, Prestbury c1905 p114. Kings Arms, St Marys Church Hall High Street, Prestbury c1934 p114. Memorial High Street, Prestbury c1900 p115. Elaine Heasman c1949 p115. Ted & Louisa Preece, p115. Ted Preece in naval uniform c1915 p116. Louisa Pearce c1915 p116. Prestbury National School Bouncer’s Lane c1900 p116. Prestbury School outing and band 1949 p117. St Mary’s outing to fire station 1949 p117. 93 'Bouncers Lane 1945 p118. Winnie Mitchell outside 83 Bouncers Lane 1949 p118. 83 Bouncer Lane rent book 1951 p118. Mike Newman p119. Brian Vick p119. John Smithers,. Tony O'Shea, David Brown, 'Birdie' p119. Glebe Road VE Day fancy dress party Aug 1945 p120. Prestbury Brownies outing 1950s p120. Cleeve Hill view of small farm p121. Cleeve Hill looking down road C20th p122. Cleeve Hill Tram terminus c1906 p122. Cleeve Hill Golf Course c1914 p123. Cleeve Hill Golf Course clubhouse 1900s p124. Cleeve Hill Rock House Youth hostel p125. Cotswold Convalescent Home p125. Cleeve Hill from Nottingham Hill 1900s p126. Ted Heasman pre WWII p126. Horse racing Cheltenahm National Hunt Festival press badge 1982 p127. Horse racing Cheltenham December Meeting programme 1947 p127. Pat Taaffe horse racing National Hunt Chase 1966 p128. David Lewis p128. Half Marathon at Racecourse 1992 p128.
Physical Description: 128p. ; 24 cm.
Series: Images of England