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Sustainability, midwifery, and birth

Sustainability, midwifery, and birth

Daellenbach, Rea; Davies, Lorna; Kensington, Mary

Book. English.
Published Abingdon, Oxon : Routledge 2011

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Statement of responsibility: edited by Lorna Davies, Rea Daellenbach, and Mary Kensington
ISBN: 041556333X, 0415563348, 9780415563338, 9780415563345
Note: Includes bibliographical references.
Subject: Infant Care.; Midwifery.; Sustainability.; Social Environment.; Conservation of Natural Resources.; Politics.; Parturition.


  1. Globalisation, midwifery, and maternity services : struggles in meaning and practice in states under pressure / Jo Murphy-Lawless
  2. Sustaining midwifery in an ever changing world / Ina May Gaskin
  3. Costing birth as commodity or sustainable public good / Sally Tracy
  4. "Choice" and justice : motherhood in a global context / Zoe Meleo-Erwin & Barbara Katz-Rothman
  5. Relationships, the glue that holds it all together? : midwifery continuity of care and sustainability / Nicky Leap
  6. Promoting a sustainable midwifery workforce : working towards "ecologies of practice" / Ruth Deery
  7. Sustained by joy : the potential of flow experience for midwives and mothers / Mavis Kirkham
  8. The birthing environment : a sustainable approach / Carolyn Hastie
  9. Sustainable midwifery education / Sally Pairman
  10. Mentoring new graduates : towards supporting a sustainable profession / Mary Kensington
  11. Good housekeeping in midwifery practice / Ruth Martis
  12. Parents as consumers / Lorna Davies
  13. Breastfeeding and sustainability : loss, cost, "choice", damage, disaster, adaptation, and evolutionary logic / Carol Bartle
  14. The pregnant environment / Megan Gibbons and Jean Patterson
  15. An ecology of antenatal education / Mary Nolan
  16. Co-sleeping : a sustainable healthcare practice / Sally Baddock
  17. How can birth activism contribute to sustaining change for better birthing for women, families, and societies in the new millennium? / Rea Daellenbach & Nadine Edwards.