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By Webb, Jonice, author
Paperback. English.
Published New York: Morgan James Publishing, [2013]
"This book is not about what happened to you as a child; it's about what failed to happen for you as a child. It's an extremely subtle, almost invisible...

By Sarkis, Stephanie, author
Paperback. English.
Published London: Orion Spring, 2019
He's the charmer - the witty, confident, but overly controlling date. She's the woman on your team who always manages to take credit for your good work...

By Neal, Avery, author
Paperback. English.
Published London: Robinson, 2018
Many women - and men - experience psychological abuse without realising it. Manipulation, deception, and disrespect leave no physical scars, but they...

By Tomlin, Jenny
Paperback. English.
Published London: Arrow, 2009
Donna Stewart's family is poor but respectable and hard working. Donna is beautiful and clever and about to go up to university. Celebrating her exam...

By Elliot-Wright, Susan
Book. English.
Published London: Sheldon, 2007
Susan Elliot-Wright explores the nature of non-physical abuse, and what can be done to break the cycle. As well as offering emotional support, this title...

By Engel, Beverly
Book. English.
Published New York; Chichester: Wiley, 2003
This text shows emotionally abused people how to find help and to help themselves; it also shows emotionally abusive people how to stop abusing
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