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Build a website for free

Build a website for free

Bell, Mark R

This is the 'build your own Web site book' for everyone! Mark Bell doesn't just show novices how to create their own Web sites: he shows them how to create sites that use the newest Web 2.0 technologies to communicate more effectively than ever

Book. English.
2nd ed.
All editions (2)
Published Indianapolis, Ind.: Que, c2011
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Statement of responsibility: Mark Bell
ISBN: 0789747189, 9780789747181
Note: Includes bibliographical references and index.
Note: Previous ed.: 2009.
Physical Description: xviii, 331 p. : ill. ; 24 cm.
Subject: Web sites Design.; Computers and IT.; Web site development.


  1. Introduction
  2. Part I: The Basics
  3. 1 The Order of Things
  4. The Website Creation Process
  5. 1. Planning
  6. 2. Design
  7. 3. Building
  8. 4. Testing
  9. 5. Promotion and Maintenance
  10. 2 Choosing a Location for Your Site
  11. Web Hosting
  12. What Is a Web Server?
  13. Determining Your Web Hosting Need
  14. Cost
  15. Technical Knowledge Required
  16. Maintenance Needs
  17. Storage Space
  18. Accessibility
  19. Bandwidth Needs
  20. Domain Name Service
  21. Hosting Options
  22. Home Hosting
  23. Free Online Hosting
  24. Online Hosting Service
  25. Professional Hosting
  26. Commercial Hosting
  27. So What Works Best for You?
  28. Working with Different Types of Hosting Services
  29. Free Services
  30. Low-Cost Commercial Sites
  31. Other Resources
  32. Part II: Plan and Prep
  33. 3 Planning Your Site
  34. What Type of Site Do You Want to Build?
  35. Types of Sites
  36. Learning from Sites You Go To
  37. Website Goals
  38. Organizing Websites
  39. Organizing the Site
  40. Organizing the Page
  41. Best Practices of Website Organization
  42. Keep Your Website Simple
  43. Keep Your Website Consistent
  44. Keep Your Website Easy to Maintain
  45. 4 Designing Your Site
  46. I Can't Make a Website That Looks That Good!
  47. Content Before Design
  48. Overall Design
  49. Design Ideas
  50. Central Image Design
  51. Colors
  52. The Magic Four
  53. Hex Color
  54. Color Schemes
  55. Color Blindness
  56. Fonts
  57. System Fonts
  58. Fonts as Images
  59. Fonts and Color
  60. Images
  61. Cascading Style Sheets
  62. Design Best Practices
  63. Content Is King
  64. Put What Is New Front and Center
  65. Keep It Simple
  66. Don't Use Attention Grabbers
  67. Be Consistent
  68. 5 Gathering Your Tools
  69. Finding the Right Tools for the Job
  70. Tool Sites and Reviews
  71. Downloading New Software
  72. Essential Tools
  73. Operating Systems
  74. Web Browsers
  75. Office Suites
  76. File Transfer Protocol (FTP) Programs
  77. Text Editor
  78. Graphics Editors
  79. HTML Editors
  80. Sound Recorders
  81. Video Editing
  82. Advanced Tools
  83. The Future of Free Web Tools
  84. 6 Moving Files to and from the Internet
  85. Storing Your Files
  86. Naming Files
  87. Keep All Your Web Files in One Place
  88. Have an Organizational Structure
  89. Use a Version Control System
  90. Uploading Files to the Internet
  91. Logging In
  92. Adding New Files
  93. Changing Existing Files
  94. Downloading Files from an FTP Server
  95. One File or Many
  96. Downloading from a Browser
  97. Types of Download Files
  98. &lbsp
  99. Testing Consistency of Design
  100. Testing Security
  101. Testing Mobile Web
  102. Testing Accessibility
  103. After Testing
  104. Testing Tools
  105. 17 Promoting Your Website
  106. Self-Promotion
  107. Have Excellent and Unique Content
  108. Update Content
  109. Publicize Your URL
  110. Connect with Others
  111. Search Engines
  112. How Search Engines Work
  113. Optimizing Your Site for Search Engines
  114. Keywords
  115. 18 Maintaining Your Website
  116. What? I'm Not Done?
  117. Regular Maintenance
  118. Weekly Tasks
  119. Monthly Tasks
  120. Annual Tasks
  121. The Power of Analytics
  122. Common Analytics and What They Mean
  123. Using Google Analytics
  124. Tweaking Your Site Based on Analytics
  125. Part V: Website Workshop
  126. 19 Building a Blog Using WordPress
  127. What Is a Blog?
  128. Why Should I Blog?
  129. Blog Publishing
  130. Syndication
  131. What Is WordPress?
  132. Software Versions
  133. Five Reasons to Use to Host Your Blog
  134. Five Reasons to Create Your Blog Using WordPress Software
  135. Building a Blog Using
  136. Signing Up for
  137. Activating Your Account
  138. Logging In to Your Blog
  139. Writing Blog Posts
  140. Managing Blog Posts
  141. Changing the Design of Your Blog
  142. Manage the Comments on Your Blog
  143. Setting Up Your Own Blog with WordPress Software
  144. Information You Need Before You Begin
  145. How WordPress Software Works
  146. How Much Does All This Cost?
  147. Before Installing Your Software
  148. Confirm That the Right Software Is Installed on Your Server
  149. Get a Text Editor
  150. Get an FTP Client
  151. Pick a Username and Password
  152. Download and Install WordPress
  153. Download WordPress Software
  154. Customization of WordPress
  155. Adding Themes
  156. Adding Plug-Ins
  157. Personalization of WordPress
  158. Modifying Themes
  159. Creating Themes
  160. Creating Plug-Ins
  161. Blogging on Your iPhone
  162. Keep an Eye on Things
  163. 20 Building a Business Site Using a Content Management System
  164. Five Reasons to Use SocialGO as Your CMS
  165. Five Reasons to Use Joomla as Your CMS
  166. What Is SocialGO?
  167. Building a Social Network with SocialGO
  168. Sign Up for SocialGO
  169. Invite Friends
  170. Add Photos and Video
  171. Start Admin Center
  172. Building a Site with Joomla
  173. Before Installing Your Joomla Software
  174. Download and Install Joomla
  175. Adding Articles
  176. Managing Users
  177. Modules, Plug-Ins, and Templates
  178. Keep an Eye on Things
  179. 21 Building a Multimedia Website
  180. Best Practices for Multimedia
  181. Using Multimedia
  182. Storing Multimedia Files
  183. Downloading Audio and Video Files
  184. Streaming Audio and Video
  185. Advanced Multimedia Options
  186. (
  187. Webtrends Apps (
  188. Advanced Open-Source Multimedia
  189. 22 Building a Site Using a Wiki
  190. Five Reasons to Use PBworks to Host Your Wiki
  191. Five Reasons to Use MediaWiki for Your Wiki
  192. What Is PBworks?
  193. Building a Wiki Using PBworks
  194. Signing Up for PBworks
  195. Activating Your Account
  196. Editing a Page
  197. Adding a Page
  198. Linking Pages
  199. Viewing Page History
  200. Setting Up Your Own Wiki Using MediaWiki Software
  201. Information You Need Before You Begin
  202. MediaWiki Software Architecture
  203. Before Installing Your MediaWiki Software
  204. Download and Install MediaWiki
  205. Keep an Eye on Things
  206. Part VI: Appendixes
  207. A List of the Most Common HTML Tags
  208. B Free and Open-Source Software Sites
  209. History of Open Source
  210. Open-Source News
  211. General Open-Source Sites
  212. Operating Systems
  213. Web Browsers
  214. Office Suites
  215. File Transfer Tools
  216. Text Editors
  217. Graphics Editors
  218. HTML Editors
  219. Video Editors
  220. Sound Recording
  221. Web Servers
  222. Database Tools
  223. Blog Software
  224. CMS Software
  225. Wiki Software
  226. Script Tools
  227. Index

Author note

Mark Bell is a Ph.D. student at Indiana University. He studies media and its effect on social relations. Before returning to school, Mark worked for 15 years in the software industry as a technical writer, trainer, and developer. He started his first web design company in 1993 and has been making pages and managing websites ever since. He is the father of Jackson, 8, and the husband of Sarah "Intellagirl" Robbins. Mark blogs at You can find him on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


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