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Lists tagged with 'technology'

  1. Libraries Week 2019

    Libraries Week 2019 added 10th October 2019

    A selection of books for Libraries Week. In 2019 we are celebrating the role of libraries in the digital world.

  2. British Science Week 2019

    British Science Week 2019 added 19th October 2018

    Celebrate British Science Week 2019 - a nationwide celebration of the best of British science, technology, engineering and maths.

  3. National Space Day

    National Space Day added 21st April 2018

    What is there that’s more interesting than space? Never ending, always expanding, full of stars and suns and planets, black holes and untold mysteries – we'll never know all the secrets that are out there! But that doesn’t stop us trying to learn absolutely everything we can about it!

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