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Lists tagged with 'poetry'

  1. World War One

    World War One added 5th October 2018

    Pulled together is a collection of written works as the Nation reflects on the sacrifice of servicemen and The Great War, an enduring legacy that shaped the 20th Century. The centenary concludes on 11th November 2018.

  2. Mischief Makers 4-7 years 2018

    Mischief Makers 4-7 years 2018 added 3rd July 2018

    The collection brings together brilliant books chosen by children and librarians which capture the Mischief Makers spirit, guaranteeing plenty of reading adventures for Mischief Makers this summer.

  3. Robert Burns 2018

    Robert Burns 2018 added 9th January 2018

    Collection of Robert Burns related adult and children's books, from poetry to biography.

  4. A Poem, A Pie, A Pint

    A Poem, A Pie, A Pint added 19th August 2016

    Perfect prose for A Poem, A Pie and A Pint

  5. Awthing Scots

    Awthing Scots added 25th January 2016

    A braw wee collection celebrating Robert Burns and awthing Scots!

  6. Read & Remember

    Read & Remember added 13th January 2015

    Read and Remember- a Scottish Libraries reading promotion around the First World War.

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