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Lists tagged with 'fitness'

  1. New Year, New You 2019

    New Year, New You 2019 added 14th January

    This reading list contains non-fiction resources for those who wish to take up healthy habits in the new year. It includes books on health, fitness, mental and physical wellbeing, and the like.

  2. New Year New You 2019

    New Year New You 2019 added 8th January

    2019 - New Year, New You! Make it your year for positive change. We've got a diverse and exciting range of books to help you do just that. There is sure to be one to pique your interest!

  3. Practical Parenting (Pregnancy) 2018

    Practical Parenting (Pregnancy) 2018 added 27th January 2018

    Everything to help guide you through your pregnancy from fitness to nutrition and all important baby names!

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