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Recent lists

  1. Glasgow Connections

    Glasgow Connections added 12th November 2015

  2. Wild Encounters

    Wild Encounters added 12th November 2015

    A collection inspired by encounters in the wild!

  3. Summer Reading sorted!

    Summer Reading sorted! added 18th June 2015

    Super titles to see you through the summer months

  4. Dementia Awareness Week 2015

    Dementia Awareness Week 2015 added 14th May 2015

    Raising awareness of Dementia through books and information.

  5. Read & Remember

    Read & Remember added 13th January 2015

    Read and Remember- a Scottish Libraries reading promotion around the First World War.

  6. TBR

    TBR added 4th June 2014

    Crime, Mystery and Thriller - to be read

  7. 10 copies - New for February 2013

    10 copies - New for February 2013 added 3rd February 2013

  8. WW2

    WW2 added 5th December 2012

  9. Sport - mainly football related

    Sport - mainly football related added 1st December 2012

    Mainly on Celtic, but Simon Kuper has also written a few interesting books on football.

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