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  1. Wellcome Book Prize 2018

    Wellcome Book Prize 2018 added 13th April 2018

    Books for the incurably curious. The books, on the theme of health and medicine, include fiction and non-fiction, and cover many fascinating topics.

  2. Read Relax Refresh 2018

    Read Relax Refresh 2018 added 29th March 2018

  3. World Book Night 2018

    World Book Night 2018 added 22nd March 2018

    Celebrating World Book Night 2018

  4. National Fairy Tale Day 2018

    National Fairy Tale Day 2018 added 24th February 2018

    Celebrate National Fairy Tale Day 2018 with us and escape into another world with our selection of fairy tale inspired books!

  5. AGD's Biographies List

    AGD's Biographies List added 14th February 2018

    A selection of Biographies , and Autobiographies that I have enjoyed and can recommend...

  6. Practical Parenting (Toddlers & Preschool) 2018

    Practical Parenting (Toddlers & Preschool) 2018 added 27th January 2018

    Books inspiring play with your toddler; what to feed them; how to handle any tantrums; keep your toddler calm & understand their emotions; potty training; nursery & primary school

  7. Practical Parenting (The First Year) 2018

    Practical Parenting (The First Year) 2018 added 27th January 2018

    Your baby's here and we have books to help you with this new arrival. Baby care, milestones, routine, bonding, sleep, weaning, maintaining your relationships and mental well being.

  8. We're on a Polar Bear Hunt 2018
  9. Harry Potter Books 2018

    Harry Potter Books 2018 added 23rd January 2018

    Re-read these instant classic or introduce someone to the magical world of The Boy Who Lived...

  10. Coding Books (Junior) 2018

    Coding Books (Junior) 2018 added 13th January 2018

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