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  1. Autumn Books to Fall For

    Autumn Books to Fall For added 18th August 2017

  2. First Day of School
  3. Lets eat Mud

    Lets eat Mud added 4th August 2017

    Grow your own food

  4. Man Booker 17

    Man Booker 17 added 31st July 2017

  5. Animal Facts

    Animal Facts added 6th July 2017

    Fun animal act books

  6. Space Films

    Space Films added 5th May 2017

  7. Lets go Banana's

    Lets go Banana's added 7th April 2017

    Stories on banana's and how to make them into tasty treats.

  8. Bailey's Prize

    Bailey's Prize added 6th April 2017

    Bailey's Prize for Fiction

  9. Travel Down Under

    Travel Down Under added 18th March 2017

    Fancy learning about Australia, or just reading imaginative stories about it. This is the list for you.

  10. Michael Connelly

    Michael Connelly added 16th March 2017

    Attemt at listing his novels chronologically as I want to try & read them all again ???

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