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  1. Read Relax Refresh 2018

    Read Relax Refresh 2018 added 18th September 2018

  2. Dive Into a Great Read...

    Dive Into a Great Read... added 17th September 2018

  3. Books Behind Bars 2018

    Books Behind Bars 2018 added 21st August 2018

    These titles have been deemed controversial in different parts of the world, some are still banned in places to this day. Each book has an individual mugshot card on the cover displaying their "crime", where and when the book was challenged/banned. Reserve one of our banned books and see if you agree with the accusation!

  4. Pride Week 2018

    Pride Week 2018 added 10th July 2018

    Celebrate Pride Week with a book with an inspirational character from the LGBT community

  5. Mischief  Makers 8-12 years 2018

    Mischief Makers 8-12 years 2018 added 5th July 2018

    A great selection of books to enthral every young reader.

  6. Mischief Makers 4-7 years 2018

    Mischief Makers 4-7 years 2018 added 3rd July 2018

    The collection brings together brilliant books chosen by children and librarians which capture the Mischief Makers spirit, guaranteeing plenty of reading adventures for Mischief Makers this summer.

  7. Mental Health Awareness Week 2018

    Mental Health Awareness Week 2018 added 14th May 2018

  8. Bookbug Week 2018 (Friends)

    Bookbug Week 2018 (Friends) added 12th May 2018

    Celebrate Bookbug Week 2018 by reading a picture book with your child that is all about friends!

  9. Summer Reads 2018

    Summer Reads 2018 added 10th May 2018

    Escape with books this Summer #SummerReads

  10. National Space Day

    National Space Day added 21st April 2018

    What is there that’s more interesting than space? Never ending, always expanding, full of stars and suns and planets, black holes and untold mysteries – we'll never know all the secrets that are out there! But that doesn’t stop us trying to learn absolutely everything we can about it!

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