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  1. Books to Love

    Books to Love added 4th February 2019

    A selection of sophisticated modern and classic love stories

  2. 50 books to read before you are age 5!
  3. Musical Lives 2019

    Musical Lives 2019 added 18th January 2019

    collection of biographies of musicians and bands

  4. New Year, New You 2019

    New Year, New You 2019 added 14th January 2019

    This reading list contains non-fiction resources for those who wish to take up healthy habits in the new year. It includes books on health, fitness, mental and physical wellbeing, and the like.

  5. Holocaust Memorial Day

    Holocaust Memorial Day added 14th January 2019

    On the 27th January, the anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz-Birkenau, the world will mark Holocaust Memorial Day. Together we bear witness and honour all those whose lives were changed beyond recognition. We’ve put together a selection of books that share both the history of, and human stories from, World War Two and the Holocaust

  6. Best Crime Mysteries 2018

    Best Crime Mysteries 2018 added 10th January 2019

    Some of the most popular thrilling crime mysteries of 2018

  7. New Year New You 2019

    New Year New You 2019 added 8th January 2019

    2019 - New Year, New You! Make it your year for positive change. We've got a diverse and exciting range of books to help you do just that. There is sure to be one to pique your interest!

  8. Get Ahead Goals

    Get Ahead Goals added 4th January 2019

    Get ahead in 2019 and read some inspirational books that just may help you achieve your personal goals.

  9. Braw Wee Book Cafe 2018

    Braw Wee Book Cafe 2018 added 13th December 2018

  10. #ReadTheFilm #ReadTheShow 2019

    #ReadTheFilm #ReadTheShow 2019 added 4th December 2018

    You always find that people say that the book was better than the film or the TV show. Why not find out for yourself? This list includes future book to film and TV show adaptions that are due to hit the big screen in 2019!

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