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By Blackman, Malorie
Book. English.
Published London: Penguin Books, 2017

By Blackman, Malorie, author
Hardback. English.
Published UK: Doubleday, 2016
Olivia and her twin brother Aidan are heading alone back to Earth following the virus that wiped out the rest of their crew, and their family, in its...

By Brooke, Lauren
Book. English.
Published London: Scholastic, 2008
Chestnut Hill is buzzing. It's rumoured a show-jumping star's about to join the riding team, while a hot new teacher is turning heads in class. But Honey...

By Hepburn, Sam, author
Book. English.
Published Frome: Chicken House, 2013
Joe's mum is dead, killed in a hit-and-run car crash. Her last words a message for someone he's never heard of. Angry and alone he takes his dog for a...

By Blackman, Malorie author
Published Bolinda/Random House audio 2002 2002
Olivia (Vee), is now captain of her own spaceship, an Explorer Vessel which set out seven years earlier on a deep space mission. She and her twin brother...

By Kagawa, Julie
Book. English.
Published Richmond: Mira, 2011
My name is Meghan Chase. In less than twenty-four hours I'll be sixteen. Countless stories, songs and poems have been written about this wonderful age...

By Rowlatt, Bee, 1971- author
Paperback. English.
Published Oxford: ISIS, 2017
Having been smitten by Mary Wollstonecraft's travel book 'Letters Written in Sweden, Norway and Denmark' in her student days, Bee Rowlatt decides to follow...

By Chase, Max
Book. English.
Published London: Bloomsbury, 2012
To avenge the attack on Earth, Peri & Diesel have sided with the Meigwors in the new intergalactic conflict. They agree to rescue a Meigworian prince,...

By Windham, Ryder, author
Paperback. English.
Published London: Egmont, 2014
Ezra is chased by Stormtroopers and makes friends with the fearsome bounty hunter, Bossk

By Bingham, Janet, 1959-
Paperback. English.
Published London: Scholastic, 2012
While Little Fox is chasing autumn leaves, he plays a game with Daddy and, as they play, Little Fox learns that the sky goes on forever, just like love...
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