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By Krajewski, Marek, 1966-
Book. Polish.
Published Warszawa: WAB, 2007
Third part of a series about Inspector Eberhard Mock. This time he has to unravel the mystery of the brutal murder of four young men dressed as sailors...

By Chmielewska, Joanna
Book. Polish.
Published Warszawa: Kobra, 2007
New novel by a popular author of light humorous fiction

By Keyes, Marian
Book. Polish.
Published Poznań: Zysk i S-ka, 2005
Rachel Walsh is outraged when she is sent to the Cloisters - Dublin's answer to the Betty Ford Clinic. Surely she's not thin enough to be a drug addict...

By Edwards, Kim, 1958-
Book. Polish.
Published Katowice: Videograf II, 2007
It's 1964 and Dr David Henry finds himself delivering his wife's twins. Relieved, he sees that his son is born healthy, but recognises the signs of Down...

By Sadowski, Witold
Book. Polish.
Published Kraków: Znak, 2007
A heart-stopping thriller about the hunt for a murderer nobody has ever seen. As the number of victims grows and evidence remains non-existent, people...

By Boyne, John, 1971-
Book. Polish.
Published Kraków: Wydawnictwo Literackie, 2007
A story of innocence existing within the most terrible evil, this is the fictional tale of two young boys caught up in events beyond their control

By Krajewski, Marek, 1966-
Book. Polish.
Published Wrocław: Dolnośląskie, 2006
First part of an award-winning series of psychological thrillers set in 1930s Wroclaw. Beautiful women, degenerate aristocrats, members of sex sects and...

By Stokowski, Marek
Book. Polish.
Published Warszawa: Jacek Santorski, 2005
A humorous and slightly nostalgic look at life in communist Poland which nevertheless dispels the myth that it was some kind of lost paradise

By Tubylewicz, Katarzyna
Book. Polish.
Published Warszawa: Jacek Santorski 2005
A young and successful woman from Warsaw marries a Swede and relocates to Stockholm. A novel about being an immigrant which will strike a chord with anyone...

By Budrewicz, Olgierd
Book. Polish.
Published Warszawa: Świat Książki, 2006
The author, a well known traveller and journalist, recounts his most exciting adventures which range from meeting a mafia boss and wandering around Brazilian...