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Paperback. English.
Published London: Puffin, 2012
Lola is really excited about looking after the school guinea pig, Bert. She can't wait, as she has learned everything there is to know about guinea pigs...

By Shelton, Dave
Hardback. English.
Published Oxford: David Fickling, 2010
Kirk Bergman and Duncan McBoo are pedigree police: the finest canine cops in all Muttropolis. And they're never short of work. The city is heaving with...

By Willis, Jeanne
Paperback. English.
Published London: Andersen, 2012
'On top of a mountain there lived a fat mammoth. Down in the valley there lived a thin caveman. The caveman was hungry. Very, very hungry. He saw the...

By Snicket, Lemony
Paperback. English.
Published London: Egmont, 2012
The Baudelaire children, Violet, Klaus and baby Sunny, are exceedingly unlucky. Their parents have been killed, and they are forced to go and stay with...

By Flavin, Teresa
Paperback. English.
Published Dorking: Templar, 2010
This multi-layered adventure is based around a painting, The Mariner's Return to Arcadia, by mysterious Renaissance artist Fausto Corvo. When Sunni Forrest...

By Mercer, Sienna
Paperback. English.
Published London: Egmont, 2011
It's the premiere of 'The Grove', the Hollywood film Olivia had a small part in - as a goth. Jackson, her Hollywood heartthrob boyfriend, wanted to walk...

By Dolan, Penny
Paperback. English.
Published London: Bloomsbury, 2011
Mouse is unaware of his privileged background: of Epton Towers, the luxurious home in which he was born and its magnificent surrounding grounds. Instead...

By Stine, R. L
Paperback. English.
Published London: Scholastic, 2010
On the night before Halloween, Chris and Meg rescue a kid from a gang of bullies. At first, they think this kid is in costume - but he turns out to be...

By McCloud, Scott, 1960-
Hardback. English.
Published London: Raintree, 2012
Metallo strikes at the Last Son of Krypton through a woman who's been going around Metropolis claiming to be Superman's girlfriend

By Landy, Derek
Paperback. English.
Published London: HarperCollins Children's Books: [distributor] HarperCollins Distribution Services: [distributor] HarperCollins Publishers Pty Ltd: [distributor] HarperCollins New Zealand: [distributor] Jonathan Ball Publishers SA: [distributor] HarperCollins Publishers Inc, 2008
Just when you think you've saved the world!. Just when you think you've saved the world! "You will kill her?" the Torment asked. Skulduggery sagged. "...
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