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By Falafel, Olaf, author, artist
Paperback. English.
Published London: HarperCollins Children's Books, 2018
A parp-parp here, a parp-parp there - everywhere a parp-parp! Join Old MacDonald as he finds out where all the strange noises are coming from

By Straaten, Harmen van, author
Paperback. English.
Published Langport, Somerset: Red Robin Books Limited, 2018
Bear really needs the look, but it's otherwise engaged! Who's taking so long, and why? Bear can't hold out much longer, he's desperate, but the door is...

By Maloney, Alison
Paperback. English.
Published London: Meadowside Children's, 2012
Dan's tummy rumbled as the smell of Mum's freshly-baked cookies wafted through the kitchen. But wait - what's this? They're all gone! This can only be...

By Moore, Suzi, author
Paperback. English.
Published London: Bloomsbury, 2016
There once was a rabbit, his name was Grey he went to the woods to pick berries one day. Grey, the hero of our story, has heard stories about Blue; a...

By Davies, James (Illustrator), author, artist
Hardback. English.
Published London: Templar Publishing, 2018
This is Long Dog. He's not skinny, or tall, or scruffy - he's long and we like it that way. Well at least I do. Mum and Dad aren't so sure. Especially...

By Gray, Kes, author
Hardback. English.
Published London: Hodder Children's Books, [2018]
This hilarious follow-up to 'Oi Frog!', 'Oi Dog!' and 'Oi Cat!' features a rhyming, read-aloud text, jam-packed with animals and silliness - perfect for...

By Doyle, Malachy, author
Paperback. English.
Published Llanelli, Carmarthenshire: Graffeg, 2018
Little Skunk has become separated from his family at a railway station. He only speaks Skunk, and the other animals are wary of his difference until Bel...

By Rex, Alice, author
Paperback. English.
Published London: New Frontier Publishing Europe Ltd, 2018
Ava is not keen to wear her glasses in front of her friends. That is, until her teacher convinces her that the characters is fairy tales would have been...

By Docherty, Thomas, author, artist
Paperback. English.
Published Dorking, Surrey: Templar Publishing, 2014
Every year the badgers and the otters gather to dance at the Driftwood Ball. But the two groups never mix - they dance in completely different ways. That...

By Cowell, Cressida, author
Paperback. English.
Published London: Hodder Children's Books, 2018
Tantrum O'Furrily's kittens are hungry and doubt that a story can ease a stray cat's rumbling stomach. However, they soon learn that stories are powerful...
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