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By Berkoff, Steven
Book. English.
Published London: JR, 2010
Steven Berkoff's memoir of misspent youth is compelling from the first page. Born in London's Jewish East End two years before the outbreak of WWII, life...

By Keilty, Derek
Paperback. English.
Published London: Andersen, 2013
Sky cowboy, Will Gallows, is finding life hard on the ranch. Should he follow his heart and join the elf side of his family, learning their magical secrets...

By Simon, Francesca
Paperback. English.
Published London: Orion Children's, 2007
This is a collection of four Horrid Henry tales - Horrid Henry and the abominable snowman, Horrid Henry's rainy day, Moody Margaret's makeover, and Horrid...

Book. English.
Published London : Allen & Unwin for the Centre of Youth, Crime and Community, University of Lancaster 1980

By Regan, Peter
Book. English.
Published [Dublin]: The Children's Press, [1999]

By Rudnick, Elizabeth, author
Hardback. English.
Published Los Angeles: Disney Press, 2015
First Hardcover Edition
Prince Hans of the Southern Isles, the youngest of twelve bullying brothers, takes advantage of his chance to have his own kingdom when he learns that...

By Burks, James (James R.), artist, author
Book. English.
Published New York, NY: Graphix, an imprint of Scholastic, 2015
First edition
"Bird and Squirrel are almost home. All that's left for them to do is cross the Great Mountains. But before they can, the duo stops to chase off wolves...

By Colfer, Eoin, author
Book. English.
Published London, England: Puffin, 2014
After his last run-in with the fairies, Artemis Fowl's mind was wiped of memories of the world belowground and any goodness grudgingly learned is now...

By Galligan, Gale, author, artist
Paperback. English.
Published New York, NY: Graphix, an imprint of Scholastic, 2017
First edition
Dawn, the newest member of the Baby-sitters Club, gets more than she bargained for when her first job turns into a disaster and she has problems with...

By Neustatter, Angela
Book. English.
Published London : Watts 2004
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