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Recent lists

  1. Arctic Ocean Writings

    Arctic Ocean Writings added 5th January 2016

    A compendium of the books available in the DMU library that relate to the history of the Arctic Ocean.

  2. robotics

    robotics added 5th October 2015

  3. Lens Based References

    Lens Based References added 23rd September 2015

    Reading List for Fine Art Lens Based Media

  4. Crisis and Business Continuity Management

    Crisis and Business Continuity Management added 17th August 2015

    For researchers seeking resources surrounding the field of crisis and business continuity management. Particularly useful for students of module CORP3364. Compiled by Adam PL Gravely MRI, Integrated Masters in Business and Management student, Leicester Business School, De Montfort University. Inquiries/suggestions can be made by email to

  5. MA SHC

    MA SHC added 1st April 2015

  6. Finance

    Finance added 14th March 2015

  7. Strategic Management

    Strategic Management added 2nd December 2014

    Resource materials for courses or modules concerning the topic of Strategic Management. Particularly created for the Year 3 BAL module, CORP3501.

  8. Performing Arts Print Journals

    Performing Arts Print Journals added 12th November 2014

  9. Dance Print Journals

    Dance Print Journals added 12th November 2014

  10. Drama Print Journals

    Drama Print Journals added 12th November 2014

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