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Recent lists

  1. Drama (Code 77) February 2019

    Drama (Code 77) February 2019 added 31st January

  2. Design Products (Code 137) February 2019
  3. Design Masters (Code 72) February 2019
  4. Design Crafts (Code 68) February 2019
  5. Dance (Code 02) February 2019

    Dance (Code 02) February 2019 added 31st January

  6. Arts and Festival Management (Code 78) February 2019
  7. Architecture (Code 20) February 2019
  8. Leisure Reading Collection

    Leisure Reading Collection added 29th January

    A list of books in the DMU Leisure Reading Collection. The collection is located in Kimberlin, just past the entrance to the Ground Floor Learning Zone, on the right hand side opposite one of the laptop lending units. Find yourself a beanbag and cosy-down for a read, or use the self-issue machines to issue the book for reading away from the Library. Please note this is a work in progress. New titles will be added to this list as they arrive.

  9. LGBT history month

    LGBT history month added 28th January

  10. LGBT History 2019

    LGBT History 2019 added 23rd November 2018

    We have selected a list of novels and non-fiction books that reflect the lived experiences, tragedies and triumphs of LGBT people.

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