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Empress Wu the Great: Tang dynasty China

Empress Wu the Great: Tang dynasty China

Woo, X. L

eBook, Electronic resource, Book. English.
Published New York : Algora Pub 2008


Statement of responsibility: X L. Woo
Physical Description: viii, 175 p.
Subject: Empresses China Biography.; China History Tang dynasty, 618-907.; Wu hou, Empress of China, 624-705.


  1. Origins of a future sovereign
  2. The Wu family
  3. Wu's father rises from a merchant to a nobleman
  4. Mr. Wu marries up
  5. Mr. Wu becomes a governor
  6. Mr. Wu departs this realm
  7. The establishment of the tang dynasty
  8. Mr. Wu's sponsor becomes the second emperor of the tang dynasty
  9. Empress Changsun and a few of the courtiers
  10. Miss Wu becomes an imperial concubine
  11. The sons vie for the succession
  12. Selecting the crown prince
  13. Introduction to the crown prince
  14. Sent to a nunnery
  15. The new emperor reigns
  16. Empress Wang gets Wu back to the palace
  17. Empress Wang and concubine Xiao unite against concubine Wu
  18. Concubine Wu fights back
  19. The courtiers take sides
  20. Empress Wang and her supporters take a mis-step
  21. Empress Wang and the crown prince are removed
  22. Wu becomes empress
  23. From empress to empress dowager
  24. Advancing supporters and annihilating opponents
  25. Taking part in politics
  26. The pleasures of traveling
  27. Relationship with her children
  28. The empress dowager consolidates her power
  29. Standing at the top
  30. View from the summit
  31. Rebellions
  32. The largest rebellion
  33. The rebellions of the Princes Li
  34. Other rebellions
  35. Abuse of power at every level
  36. Picking favorites
  37. Naming a successor
  38. Empress Wu's favorites
  39. Relations with other nations
  40. Tibet
  41. Korea
  42. The Tujue clan
  43. Japan and Arabia
  44. Famous legends about Empress Wu
  45. Face reading
  46. Flowers blooming in winter
  47. Other legends.