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Utilisation and Reliability of High Power Proton Accelerators: Workshop Proceedings, Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA, 12-16 May 2002

Utilisation and Reliability of High Power Proton Accelerators: Workshop Proceedings, Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA, 12-16 May 2002

Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development; NEA

R&D activities and construction plans related to high power proton accelerators are being considered in various countries to promote basic and applied sciences. Both accelerator scientists and reactor physicists gathered at an NEA workshop to discuss the reliability of the accelerator; spallation target design characteristics; safety and operational characteristics of a sub-critical system driven by a spallation source; and test facilities. These proceedings contain all the technical papers presented at the workshop, as well as summaries of the discussions held during each technical session

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Published Paris: OECD Publishing, 2003

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Statement of responsibility: Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development and NEA
ISBN: 9264102124, 9789264102125
Physical Description: 1 online resource
Other Number: 10.1787/9789264102125-en
Series: Nuclear Science,
Subject: Nuclear Energy; Mexico
Series Title: Nuclear Science,


  1. Foreword
  2. Executive Summary
  3. Session I. Opening
  4. The European Programme by B. Carluec, H. Ait Abderahim, and A. C. Mueller
  5. Korean R&D Programme for HPPA by w. s. Park, Y. S. Cho, and B. H.Choi
  6. The US Advanced Accelerator Applications Programme by F. Goldner
  7. Reliable Linac Design for Accelerator-Driven Subcritical Reactor Systems by T. P. Wangler
  8. Reliable Cyclotron Design by Th. Stammback, S. Adam, A. Mezger, P. Sigg, and P. A. Schmelzbach
  9. Towards Reliable High Power Spallation Target Designs by G. S. Bauer
  10. The Demonstration of the ADS concept by M. Salvatores, A. D'Angelo, and d. Naberejnev
  11. The Mechanical Properties of 316L/304L Stainless Steels, Alloy 718, and Mod 9Cr-1Mo after Irradiation in a Spallation Environment by S. A. Maloy, M. R. James, G. Willcutt, S. F. Sommer, M. Sokolov, L. L. Snead, M. L. Hamilton, and F. Garner
  12. Session II. Accelerator, Target-Window/Materials and Multiplier
  13. Reliability Tests of the High-Power Proton Source SILHI at CEA/Saclay by R. Gobin, P.-Y. Beauvais, D. Bogard, R. Ferdinand, and P. Mattei
  14. Operational Experience with a 352 MHz 5-Cell Accelerating Structure for the High Energy Section of the TRASCO Linac by E. Chiaveri, R. Losito, S. Calatroni, R. Ballantini, A. Chincarini, G. Gemme, R. Parodi, D. Barni, A. Bosotti, C. Pagani, and P. Pierini
  15. Beam Reliability and Equipment Downtime Tracking - How LANSCE Closes the Loop by N. t. Callaway and R. D. Ryder
  16. Comments to Accelerator-Driven System by T. Masumoto
  17. R&D Status of Super-Conducting Proton Linac and the KEK-JAERI High Intensity Proton Accelerator Project by N. Ouchi
  18. The Use of NEG Vacuum Pumps on the LEDA RFQ by R. Valdiviez, D. Schrage, S. Shen, and K. Kishiyama
  19. Corrosion Measurement on APT Prototypic Materials in the LANSCE High Power Proton Beam and Applicability to Other Systems by R. S. Lillard, G. T. Chandler, P. D. Ferguson, F. D.Gac, M. R. James, S. A. Maloy, M. A. Paciotti, L. S. Waters, and G. J. Willcutt
  20. Preliminary Measurements from a Thick Lead-Bismuth Target Using 800 MeV Protons by M. R. James, R. T. Klann, G. L. Morgan, E. J. Pitcher, M. A. Paciotti, J. M. Oostens
  21. Gas Production Cross-Section Measurements at LANSCE by R. C. Haight and M. Devlin
  22. Thermal-Hydraulic Design Analysis of a 5 MW Sodium-Cooled Tungsten Target by X. Cheng, P. J. Finck, J. Roglans-ribas, and T. Schulenberg
  23. Session III. Test Facilities and Control/Safety/Shutdown
  24. Safety Analysis of Na and Pb-Bi Coolants in Response to Beam Instabilities by M. Eriksson, J. Wallenius, J. E. Cahalan, K. Tucek, and W. Gudowski
  25. Active and Passive Safety Control Performance in Subcritical, Accelerator-Driven Nuclear Reactors by J. E. Cahalan and M. Eriksson
  26. Operating Requirements for a Proton-Beam Accelerator to Couple with a Subcritical System by A. Negrini and G. Proto
  27. Safe Shutdown of accelerator-Driven Systems by B. E. Boyack M. W. Cappiello, and K. O. Pasamehmetoglu
  28. Theoretical and Experimental Evaluation of the Windowless Interface for the TRASCO-ADS Project by D. Barni, P. NMichelato, d. Sertore, A. Bonucci, R. Giannantonio, P. Turroni, and L. Cinotti
  29. Design and Verification Experiments for the Windowless Spallation Target of the ADS Prototype MYRRHA by K. van Tichelen, P. Kupschus, B. Arien, and H. Ait Abderrahim
  30. Radioprotection Calculations for the TRADE Experiment by L. Zanini, A. Ferrari, a. Herrera-Martinez, Y. Kadi, C. Rubbia, N. Burgio, M. Carta, A. Santagata, and L. Cinotti
  31. Thermal Response of the Multiplier of an Accelerator-Driven System to Beam Interruptions by F. E. Dunn
  32. Accelerator-Driven Test Facility: Modular Target and Multiplier System Concept Design Description by M. Cappiello, K. Pasamehmetoglu, E. Pitcher, R. Guffee, W. Chaves, and G. Willcutt
  33. Lead-Bismuth Spallation Target Design of the Accelerator-Driven Test Facility (ADTF) by Y. Gohar, P. Finck, A. Hanson, J. Herceg, M. Koploy, L. Krajitl, Pl Mijatovic, W. D. Pointer, J. Saiveau, T. Sofu, and M. Todosow
  34. Results from the Initial Operation of the LANL DELTA Loop by V. Tcharnotskaia, C. Ammerman, and K. Woloshun
  35. Summaries of Discussion Sessions
  36. Summary of Working Group Discussion on Design Considerations, Reliability Performance, and Requirements for the Accelerator by M. Cappiello, Chair
  37. Summary of Working Group Discussions on Accelerators by Carlo Pagani and P. Colestock, Chairs
  38. Summary of Working Group Discussion on Multiplier by E. Pitcher and E. Gonzalez, Chairs
  39. Summary of Working Group Discussion on Target Technology by K. Pasemehmetoglu and G. Laffont, Chairs
  40. Summary of Working Group Discussion on Control/Safety/Shudown by M. Cappiello, Chair
  41. Summary of Final Working Group Discussion by K. Pasemehmetoglu, Chair