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  1. Craft in Jewellery

    Craft in Jewellery added 26th February 2016

  2. New Nursing and Health Books @Falmer Library February 2016
  3. Rise of the Hooligan genre

    Rise of the Hooligan genre added 2nd February 2016

    Books covering Hooliganism in some form that might suggest why it has translated onto film so prolifically.

  4. New books: Built Environment & Civil Engineering (Autumn 2015)
  5. New books: Geography & Geology (Autumn 2015)
  6. New Nursing & Health Books January 2016 @falmerLib
  7. New Nursing & Health Books November 2015 @falmerLib
  8. SocialSciencesNov15

    SocialSciencesNov15 added 10th November 2015

    New and extra copies of social sciences books arriving at Falmer Library Nov 2015

  9. Film *

    Film * added 5th November 2015

  10. FalmerHumanitiesOct15

    FalmerHumanitiesOct15 added 23rd October 2015

    New humanities books arriving at Falmer Library October 2015

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