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Library Catalogue

While the libraries are closed no fines will be charged and loans will autorenew. Please see the Remote Learning Support Guide for further information on how we can continue to help support your studies.

Recent lists

  1. TRC - Dual language picture books

    TRC - Dual language picture books added 1st February 2019

  2. TRC - Reading Sets - Fiction

    TRC - Reading Sets - Fiction added 31st January 2019

    Available to Education students (6-week loan)

  3. TRC - Reading Sets - Short  Stories / Myths & Legends
  4. TRC - Reading Sets - Dual language / graphic novels
  5. TRC - Winter

    TRC - Winter added 31st January 2019

  6. TRC - Graphic Novels for children and young people

    TRC - Graphic Novels for children and young people added 31st January 2019

    Graphic novels are novel length stories told in drawn (or 'comic') format. Please note: Ages noted on this list are for rough guidance only, to indicate a possible appropriate readership.

  7. TRC - Celebrating Women

    TRC - Celebrating Women added 31st January 2019

  8. TRC - Stories without words

    TRC - Stories without words added 31st January 2019

    Stories without words allow the reader to use the illustrations to provoke discussion and tell many different stories

  9. TRC - LGBT Children's Books

    TRC - LGBT Children's Books added 31st January 2019

  10. TRC - Death & Berevement

    TRC - Death & Berevement added 30th January 2019

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