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  1. TRC - LGBT Children's Books

    TRC - LGBT Children's Books added 31st January

  2. TRC - Death & Berevement

    TRC - Death & Berevement added 30th January

  3. TRC - Divorce & Step-parents

    TRC - Divorce & Step-parents added 30th January

  4. TRC - The Refugee Experience

    TRC - The Refugee Experience added 30th January

    A list of books for younger readers focusing on identity, belonging, conflict, migrant and refugee experiences.

  5. One World Week-TRC fiction/poetry
  6. One World Week-TRC

    One World Week-TRC added 24th January

    Celebrating the diverse world we live in.

  7. #FalmerYearofBooks - Februrary Friendship

    #FalmerYearofBooks - Februrary Friendship added 17th January

    This continues Falmer Library's book group selected here are 4 films based on classic books that share the theme of friendship for February 2019. To vote please see @FalmerLib on Facebook and make your choice in a poll or see the poster and the voting box in the library! Which will you vote for? Watership Down - is a survival and adventure featuring a small group of rabbits. The novel follows the rabbits as they escape the destruction of their warren and seek a place to establish a new home, encountering perils and temptations along the way. Of Mice and Men - Drifters in search of work, George and his childlike friend Lennie, have nothing in the world except the clothes on their back - and a dream that one day they will have some land of their own. Eventually they find work on a ranch in California's Salinas Valley, but their hopes are dashed as Lennie - struggling against extreme cruelty, misunderstanding and feelings of jealousy - becomes a victim of his own strength. The Jungle Book - Saved from the jaws of the evil tiger Shere Khan, young Mowgli is adopted by a wolf pack and taught the law of the jungle by lovable old Baloo the bear and Bhageera the panther. The Secret Garden - 'It was the garden that did it - and Mary and Dickon and the creatures - and the Magic.' An orphaned girl, a grim moorland manor with hundreds of empty rooms, strange cries in the night, a walled garden, with its door locked and the key buried - and a boy who talks to animals. These are the ingredients of one of the most famous and well-loved of children's classics.

  8. #FalmerYearOfBooks - Mary Poppins

    #FalmerYearOfBooks - Mary Poppins added 3rd January

    #FalmerLibYearOfBooks is the online book club for Falmer Library - join us each month to chat about the best and worst of each book. This is the first book chosen by Falmer Lib staff - in future you can choose from 4 themed books and we'll discus them on @FalmerLib Facebook. Look out for posters in the library or follow us on FB to vote for your choice!

  9. Winter

    Winter added 7th November 2018

  10. Reading Sets-Dual Language/Graphic novels
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