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Library Catalogue

While the libraries are closed no fines will be charged and loans will autorenew. Please see the Remote Learning Support Guide for further information on how we can continue to help support your studies.

Recent lists

  1. D&T 2020
  2. OpenFOAM

    OpenFOAM added 16th February

  3. Little quick fix

    Little quick fix added 13th November 2019

    Quick guides to help with different aspects of research and academic writing.

  4. Halloween

    Halloween added 29th October 2019

  5. test

    test added 2nd October 2019

  6. Dissertation

    Dissertation added 19th September 2019

  7. Super Quick Skills

    Super Quick Skills added 6th September 2019

  8. Thermophysical Properties

    Thermophysical Properties added 29th August 2019

  9. Health and Wellbeing in schools

    Health and Wellbeing in schools added 10th May 2019

    Books to support the mental health and wellbeing of children (and teachers!) in schools.

  10. Mastering Primary Subjects
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