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By Dahl, Roald, author
Published London: Puffin, 2014
31 pages : 27 cm [New] edition / illustrated by Quentin Blake
Roald Dahl has created a ghastly assortment of wicked beasts getting up to some extraordinary and unmentionable things in this comic collection of verse...

By Willis, Jeanne
Published London: Andersen, 2011
80 p
Have you heard the tale of Felicity Finch who was prone to pinch? Or the one about Vince the Mince, the vegetarian dog who took his sprouts far too seriously...

By Whitehead, Josie
Published Leeds: AMS Educational, 2010
1 v
The titles in the 'Josie's Poems' series feature a collection of poems to make children and their teachers and parents smile

Published London: Macmillan Children's, 2009
512 p. ; 20 cm
'Read Me At School' contains a poem about school for every day of the year from the very best modern and classic poets. It includes poems about the start...

Published London: Macmillan Children's, 2009
96 p. ; 26 cm
Do you ever worry about what goes on inside your parents' heads? If so then these poems are for you! Find out exactely what, if anything, makes them tick...

By Cookson, Paul
Published London: Macmillan Children's, 2008
96 p. ; 26 cm
This collection features all of Paul Cookson's most popular poems, including 'Superman Dog', 'The Toilet Seat Has Teeth' and 'The Amazing Captain Concorde...

Published Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2001
32p. : 29 cm
From the goalie with expanding hands, to the first ever football (made of stone) and the match played on the moon, this book is full of some of the most...

Published London: HarperCollinsChildren's, 2004
94 p. : 20 cm
This collection of nonsense poems covers a wide range of subjects, including dreadful dung-heaps, potty poos and smutty smells

By West, Colin
Published London: Walker, 2007
64 p. : 20 cm
This anthology of 50 funny poems covers a range of silly topics all absurdly illustrated

Published Witney, Oxfordshire: Scholastic, [2015]
128 pages : 20 cm [New edition] / illustrated by Woody Fox
A ridiculously rib-tickling selection of the most silly poems ever written. Paul Cookson has compiled a collection of verse old and new which will have...