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By Peters, Ellis, 1913-
2 sound cassettes (2 hrs, 30 mins.)
Shrewsbury 1138, and Gervase Bonel is about to leave his manor for the Abbey. All he asks in return is a comfortable house, run by the monks, to end his...

By Blair, Emma
Published Bath: Chivers Audio Books, 2001
10 sound cassettes (13 hrs, 10 mins.) Complete and unabridged!

By Marston, Edward
Published Leicester: W.F. Howes, 2005
6 cassettes (8 hrs.) Unabridged

By Kent, Alexander, 1924-
Published Leicester: Clipper Audio, 2002
9 cassettes (13 hrs, 15 mins.) Unabridged

By Lott, Tim
Published Leicester: W.F. Howes, 2003
7 sound cassettes (9 hrs, 45 mins.) Unabridged

By Rendell, Ruth, 1930-
Published Bath: Chivers Audio Books, 1993
10 sound cassettes (12 hrs.) Complete and unabridged
A bank job goes wrong and a Kingsmarkham detective sergeant is killed. Months later, the Flory family are slaughtered at home by an unknown assassin....

By Truss, Lynne
Published Bath : Chivers Audio 2005
6 sound cassettes (7 hr., 27 min.)
When Belinda, a writer married to Stefan, a geneticist, hires a cleaner called Linda, she gets more than she bargained for. With a knack for making drudgery...

By Morrall, Clare
Published Clipper Audio Books 2012
11 sound discs (13 hrs, 45 mins.) : 4 3/4 in
Who is the Roundabout Man? He calls himself Quinn, the name of a boy in a world-famous series of children's books. What he hopes no one will discover...

By Bradshaw, Rita
Published Soundings Audio Books 2004
13 sound discs (14 hrs.) Unabridged

By Robinson, Peter
Published London: Macmillan, 2002
3 sound discs (3 hrs.) : 4 3/4 in Abridged ed
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