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By Seymour, Gerald
Published Rearsby: Clipper Audio, 2008
1 sound media player (16 hr., 30 min.) : 9 x 6 cm. in container 13 x 15 cm +
A young man starts a journey from a dusty village in Saudi Arabia, believing it will end with his death in faraway England. For honour, for glory, for...

By Gibbins, David J. L
Published Rearsby: Clipper Audio, 2007
1 sound media player (12 hrs, 45 mins.) : 9 x 6 cm. in container 13 x 15 cm +
Archaeologist Jack Howard is a brave but cautious man. When he embarked on a new search for buried treasure in the Med, he knew it was a long shot. When...

By Shan, Darren, author
Published Chivers Audio Books CD 2013
8 sound discs CDs (10 hrs, 25 mins.)
Ed, an American author on the hunt for a story for his next book, arrives in London. But he's haunted by a deadly secret that refuses to stay buried,...

By Mosby, Steve
Published Oakhill Publishing 2010
8 sound discs (10 hrs, 30 mins.) : 4 3/4 in
Alex Connor is running away from life. After his wife's death, he wanted nothing except oblivion. Only his friend Sarah kept him going. Now she's been...

By Coben, Harlan, 1962-
Published Clipper Audio Books 2008
11 sound cassettes (12 hr., 50 min.)
Tia and Mike Baye never imagined they'd become the type of overprotective parents who spy on their kids. But their 16-year-old son Adam has been unusually...

By DeMille, Nelson
Published Oakhill Publishing 2009
20 sound discs (23 hrs, 54 mins.) : 4 3/4 in
When John Sutter's aristocratic wife killed her mafia don lover, John left America and set out in his sailboat on a three-year journey around the world...

By Burke, Richard, 1963-
Published Clipper Audio Books 2006
8 sound cassettes (11 hrs, 25 mins.)
This is a chilling psychological thriller about abduction and revenge

By Läckberg, Camilla, 1974-
Published Oakhill Publishing 2011
14 sound discs (17 hrs, 32 mins.) : 4 3/4 in
Crime writer Erica Falck is shocked to discover a Nazi medal among her late mother's possessions. Haunted by a childhood of neglect, she resolves to dig...

By Leonard, Peter A
Published Clipper Audiobook 2012
8 sound discs (8 hrs, 30 mins.) : 4 3/4 in
Detroit, 1971. Harry Levin, scrap metal dealer and holocaust survivor, learns that his daughter has been killed in a car accident. Travelling to Washington...

By Gimenez, Mark
Published Isis Audio Books 2012
14 sound discs (15 hrs, 50 mins.) : 4 3/4 in
Bode Bonner is the Republican governor of Texas. He has everything he ever wanted: money, power, influence. But something isn't right in his life - everything...
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