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Aggie MacKenzie
Want to know how to deodorise your dishwasher, unblock that sink and soften your towels? There is one solution that will solve all manner of woes - introducing vinegar, your new best friend. Get to know Nature's secret weapon as you spruce up your surfaces, whip up some wonderful treats and beautify yourself!
Romesh Ranganathan
At the age of 9, Romesh Ranganathan delivered his first ever stand-up set at a Pontin's holiday camp talent competition, smashing the only other competitor, a young girl playing the kazoo. The gig went so well that Romesh retired his comic genius for 22 years, hiding behind the guise of a maths teacher, before finally revealing himself again (no, not like that) at the tender age of 31.
Geoff Marshall
Funded by a successful Kickstarter campaign, Geoff and Vicki set out in 2017 to visit every single one of the UK's 2563 railway stations. This year - in 'The Railway Adventures' - Geoff and Vicki encourage you and your family to head out for your own British adventures by train. This beautifully illustrated book is also an evocative and humorous read, 'each chapter offering up to 20 wonders of the British railways'.
Christopher Skaife
For centuries, the Tower of London has been home to a group of famous avian residents: the ravens. Each year they are seen by millions of visitors, and they have become as integral a part of the Tower as its ancient stones themselves. But their role is even more important than that - legend has it that if the ravens should ever leave, the Tower will crumble into dust, and great harm will befall the kingdom. One man is personally responsible for ensuring that such a disaster never comes to pass - the Ravenmaster.
Matt Pritchard
From the ex presenter of the cult TV show Dirty Sanchez, Matt Pritchard, comes the BBC's first ever vegan cookery programme. In this book, Matt shows you just how easy and cheap it can be to go vegan and how the right nutrition can help you perform better in all aspects of life. Discover more than 80 cracking recipes for proper healthy vegan food, such as the full vegan pile up, squash & shroom momos with yuzu dip, crispy bang-bang tofu, peanut & chilli stir-fry, creamy peppercorn & mushroom pie and maple, orange & chocolate baklava.