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Some new additions to our Non-Fiction stock.

Rachel Clarke
'Your Life in My Hands' is at once a powerful polemic on the systematic degradation of Britain's most vital public institution, and a love letter of optimism and hope to that same health service and those who support it.
Neil Hanson
Neil Hanson recounts life as the landlord of the highest and loneliest inn in Britain. After five years away, the naive, impulsive young couple who ran The Inn at the Top in the late 1970s return as its new owners. Their hearts are in the right place, but nothing else is. Yet stumbling from one crisis to another, they somehow transform the inn from a decrepit, local curiosity into a thriving, nationally-famous inn.
No author
'The Little Curry Cookbook' has more than 80 recipes that explore the delicious flavours, enticing aromas and exotic colours of curries. It celebrates the best-loved Thai and Indian dishes, as well as introducing lesser-known but equally delightful variations from Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Malaysia and Kenya.
David Wilbourne
As the newly appointed Vicar of Helmsley, David was looking forward to working in this picturesque market town, set in the beautiful Yorkshire countryside. Admittedly the vicarage, which dated back to the twelfth century, was extremely cold and damp. And not all of his parishioners were impressed by his new-fangled ways. But with the help of the irrepressible Father Bert, a retired cleric and one-time Tail End Charlie, David set about winning over the townsfolk.
Kate Moore
Felix is a much-loved and hugely popular member of staff at Huddersfield Train Station - and also just so happens to be a fluffy feline. By day, she spends her time meowing over the tannoy and getting in the way of the ticket printer. By night, she plays a vital role as their official Pest Control Manager, patrolling the platforms in her high-viz vest. But for the close-knit Yorkshire community which Felix is a part of this remarkable little cat has changed their lives in surprising ways.