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By Jones, Christina
Paperback. English.
Published Oxford: Isis, 2008
Clemmie has a problem - she's had almost as many jobs as she's had birthdays and her lovelife is on the critical list. But with the big 30 looming she...

By Keating, H R F
Book. English.
Published Bath: Windsor, 2009
DS Harriet Martens has resolved to resign after the new ACC at the head of the CID has made her feel inferior in her job. Her thoughts of resignation...

By Holmes, Richard
Book. English.
Published BBC Large Print, 2005
Holmes literally retraces Churchill's steps, and examines the places that shaped his life, discovering the great man's motivations and behaviours to provide...

By Horne, Una
Book. English.
Published Magna, 2005
When Cath meets Jack for the first time on the grounds of his father's estate, she mistakes him for the ground keeper's son, but despite their mutual...

By Hyde, Elisabeth
Book. English.
Published Thorpe, 2007
Spare and sweet, 'Crazy As Chocolate' is an enchanting, involving novel of the acceptance and rememberance of familial madness set against an idyllic...

By Hewson, David
Book. English.
Published Howes, 2007
Costa, Peroni and Leo Falcone team up once again when faced with the sudden appearance of fresh bloodstains on a missing young boy's T-shirt. But soon...

By Hill, Suzette A
Book. English.
Published Magna, 2008
'A Load of Old Bones' takes us on a nostalgic romp into 1950s mythical Surrey, where murky deeds and shady characters abound and where even the animal...

By Hudson, Harriet
Book. English.
Published Severn House, 2002
Anna Fontenay's husband wanted his wife to restore Fontenay Castle's gardens after his death. She hires an expert but runs into opposition from Hugo Brooks...

By Hughes, Declan
Book. English.
Published Windsor, 2007
Emily Howard is 19, slim and petite with a pale complexion and a red rose tattoo. She disappeared three days ago, and now her father has been sent photographs...

By Jacobs, Kate
Book. English.
Published Magna, 2007
As the needles clack, and the garments grow, the conversation moves on from patterns and yarn to life, love and everything. The women in the Friday Night...
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