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By Kerr, Philip
CD. English.
Published Rearsby: Clipper Audio, 2014
Special Agent Gil Martins investigates domestic terrorism for the Houston FBI. He is a religious man who is close to losing his faith; the very nature...

By McDermid, Val
CD. English.
Published Rearsby: Clipper Audio, 2013
Guilt and grief have driven a wedge between long time crime-fighting partners psychologist Tony Hill and ex-DCI Carol Jordan. But just because they're...

By Deaver, Jeffery
CD. English.
Published Rearsby: Clipper Audio, 2013
Gabrielle is sitting in an apartment in Manhattan, watching the clock. Her daughter has been kidnapped, she's shot and killed a man, she is trying to...

By De Courcy, Anne, author
CD. English.
Published Oxford: Isis, 2015
CD Book
Margot Asquith was perhaps the most daring and unconventional Prime Minister's wife in British history. Known for her wit, style and habit of speaking...

CD. English.
Published Simon & Schuster Inc., 1999

By Peto, Violet
Hardback. English.
Published London: Dorling Kindersley Limited, 2017
This volume is packed with colourful images to help build the foundation of early learning. Help your toddler learn all about a variety of shapes with...

By Durbridge, Francis
Book. English.
Published BBC Audiobooks

CD. English.
Published Simon & Schuster, 1999
This language programme was developed by renowned memory expert Dr Paul Pimsleur. His research led him to the realization that the most important use...

By Kepler, Lars
Book. English, Swedish.
Published Bath: Oakhill, 2011
Complete and unabridged edition
When a whole family is murdered in Stockholm, DI Joona Linna knows there is only one person who can find the perpetrator. Erik Maria Bark, retired hypnotist...
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