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Flavours of the World

A delicious choice of books to tempt the taste buds. Try your hand at some recipes from around the world. Here is a selection of books to get you started:

by Tony Singh
Call it comfort food, street food, sharing food. Food that gives you a hug, warms up your bones and satisfies your stomach. Using everyday ingredients that are easy to cook and even better to eat. Food made with style and ingenuity by this Scottish Sikh chef with a passion for British produce and a taste for spices.
by Meera Sodha
Fresh, simple and packed with flavour - the best Indian food is cooked (and eaten) at home. Meera Sodha introduces Britain to the food she grew up eating here every day in this collection of over 130 delicious, vibrant and surprisingly quick and easy to make recipes, gathered from three generations of her family.
edited by Marie-Pierre Moine
You can uncover lots of easy recipes from different regions of the Mediterranean, alongside all the ingredients and step-by-step techniques you need to create delicious dishes. Tapas, paellas, honey and spices, this book can help you to recapture an amazing meal enjoyed on a sun-soaked holiday, or just to experiment with the fresh, flavoursome food.
by Miisa Mink
The Nordic Bakery cookbook reflect the wholesome but comforting style of baking in Scandinavia, with an emphasis is on fresh, seasonal produce and healthier baking ingredients, such as rye flour, oats and barley. Try your hand at baking Nordic treats such as rye bread, savoury pastries, cakes, sweet buns, desserts and biscuits.
by Leemei Tan
Asian cooking combines wonderfully pungent, aromatic spices, herbs and flavourings with imaginative methods, a wide array of ingredients and tastes that explode in your mouth. Understand how to make perfect sushi, creamy curries, spicy stir-fries, and crisp tempura, and work with noodles, kaffir lime leaves, or wasabi. These imaginative recipes will inspire and delight.
by Itamar Srulovich and Sarit Packer
Recipes from the husband and wife team behind the Honey & Co. restaurant. Full of fresh fruit and vegetables, wild honey, big bunches of herbs, crunchy salads, smoky lamb, bread straight from the oven, old-fashioned stews, Middle Eastern traditions, falafel, dips, and plenty of tahini on everything. They encourage you to leave room for dessert - cheesecake, a marzipan cookie with a Turkish coffee.