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Summer Reading Challenge: Record Breakers

This year the Summer Reading Challenge is all about Record Breakers, where children ages 4 to 11 discover amazing world record facts. They will collect fun gifts as they read six books during the summer break. When they read six books they receive a Record Breakers Medal. To start them off on their reading journey here are a few great books:

by Timothy Knapman
Dad might not have a superhero mask or wear his pants outside his trousers, but his super snores can be heard a thousand miles away, he can even make super-scary monsters go away at bedtime. Timothy Knapman studied history at Oxford. Since then he has spent his time writing plays, musicals, songs, operas and children's books. His books include the best-selling Dinosaurs in the Supermarket, Eleanor's Eyebrows and Mungo and the Picture Book Pirates and its sequels. They have been translated into 15 languages and have been read on CBeebies Bedtime Stories by Hugh Bonneville, Dennis Lawson, Adrian Lester, Harriet Walter, Tanni Grey-Thompson and many others. Tim has also written for CBeebies' Driver Dan's Story Train. This picture book is ideal for ages four to eight.

by Joanna Nadin
Penny isn't dreadful at all, she just has brilliant record breaking ideas that adults disapprove off. Three fantastically funny Penny Dreadful adventures in one fab book! Joanna Nadin is the author of many books for children and young adults including the Rachel Riley series of books. Joanna has done many other jobs as well as being a writer: a lifeguard, a radio newsreader, a producer on a TV cookery show, a journalist, and a special adviser to the Prime Minister. And she still plans hopefully to become at some point in the future an ice dance champion.This fiction title is ideal for ages nine and over.

by Steve Backshall
Discover the world's most extraordinary creatures. Steve Backshall presents wildlife programmes on the BBC. He currently fronts the BBC kid's series 'Deadly 60', travelling the world to learn about the most inspiring predators. He's been squirted with ink by Humboldt squid, flirted with by tarantula, charged by elephants, and stared out by thresher and great hammerhead sharks, but still maintains that wild animals pose no threat to people - in fact quite the opposite.This non-fiction book is ideal for ages seven and over.

by Emma Carroll
This is a story of Louie a girl with dreams of performing in a travelling circus and walking on air. In the world of the travelling circus nothing is quite as it seems and soon Louie's bravery is tested not just on the highwire… When she's not writing books author Emma Carroll works part-time as an English teacher at a secondary school in Devon. It means she's never far from books or words or writing, which is perfect for her! As a child she wrote stories about ponies and pop stars, though not together. Nowadays it's called fan-fiction; back then it was just weird! After school she worked as a reporter on a local newspaper. From there she went to university to study English Literature and then backpacked around the Middle East, South America and Australia.This fiction title is ideal for ages nine and over.

by Steve Parker
The 100 Facts series reveals the science behind all things speedy. Discover how we measure acceleration, why heavy things are hard to speed up, and who first broke the sound barrier. Covering a wide range of topics from super-speedy animals to hypersonic planes, exactly 100 numbered facts will challenge you and act as an incentive to make your way through the book. Packed with exhilarating photographs, detailed diagrams and panels containing activities, quizzes and cartoons, 100 Facts Speed is the perfect introduction to this fascinating subject. This non-fiction title is ideal for ages six and over.