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Bradford Libraries are preparing to reopen safely over the coming weeks. The safety and health of our staff, volunteers and users is our primary concern and we will be introducing our services gradually in line with the latest public health advice. With this in mind you will be able to reserve your books from the catalogue in the usual way and when your reserved items are available you will be contacted and asked to collect your book from one of three locations City Library, Keighley Library or Shipley Library. We will be rolling out this service to other libraries as soon as we can. In these initial stages we ask that people be aware that there may be some slight delays in getting the books requested but we are working hard to increase our offer as soon as is safe to do so.

If you would like to check or renew items that are on loan to you, please
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Melissa Hemsley
We all want to enjoy delicious food that's good for us, simple to make and affordable enough to cook every day, but we also want to reduce our impact on our planet. This practical cookbook shows you how. Bestselling author and home cooking champion Melissa Hemsley offers over 100 brilliant recipes that focus on sustainable easy-to-buy ingredients. These are inspiring, no-fuss dishes that put flavour first. They champion some of our most-loved veg - broccoli and carrots, mushrooms and tomatoes - and bring in meat and fish as optional extras.
No author
Coding skills are in high demand and the need for programmers is still growing. However, taking the first steps in learning more about this complex subject may seem daunting and many of us feel left behind by the coding revolution. By using a graphic method to break code into small chunks, this book brings essential skills within reach.
Jack Monroe
This collection of simple, affordable recipes will encourage everyone to give vegan cookery a try. Packed with inventive, easy and 100% vegan dishes, this book suits almost everyone: whether you are looking to take the leap, want to be a little kinder to the planet, need ideas to cook for a vegan friend, or simply want to put some more plant power in your everyday cooking.
Ollie Ollerton
Where is your break point? Is it here? Facing the gruelling SAS selection process on one leg, with a busted ankle and the finish line nowhere in sight? Or here? Under heavy fire from armed kidnappers while protecting journalists en route to Baghdad. Or, is it here? At the bottom of a bottle, with a family in pieces, unable to adapt to a civilian lifestyle, yearning for a warzone. We all have break points to face - at the gym, in the office, in our personal lives - those moments of self-doubt where we have to dig deep, and find something within to grab hold of and push us through..
Colin Butcher
Ex-policeman Colin Butcher had set up his own pet detective agency searching for lost and stolen pets and it was running smoothly but he quickly realised he needed a partner. That's when inspiration struck. Enter Molly, an unloved and unwanted cocker spaniel on a rescue website. Clever and charismatic, she melted Colin's heart and the two became instantly inseparable. Colin's detective skills combined with Molly's intelligence, tenacity, and sense of smell made them the ultimate team and it wasn't long before they were cracking cases and solving crimes across the country.